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New Piggies

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Oct 10, 2014
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I got two new piggies yesterday. Two beautiful girls. Takes me to five but I couldn't be happier. Nails were over grown but other than that in fab shape. I am totally in love with them. I am so excited. I ran down stairs like it was Christmas morning to see them today.
We know that feeling...:nod: Looking forward to the pigtures.. :tu:
It is such excitement to have piggies, by far the best present anyone could have.
Looking forward to seeing more of you and your girls.
Have you ever felt that immediate connection? I swear one of the girls there is just something about her.
You have five piggies! Wow, that was quick. I am very happy for you.
You have five piggies! Wow, that was quick. I am very happy for you.[/QUOTE

I used to have them when I was younger so was always gonna end up with more. Even took them into school and did a talk on them for some city and guilds thing we had to do.

I will end up the pig woman of Liverpool if I carry on though
Congratulation, looking forward to see some photo's of them. I am sure they will settle in great :)
Congrats on your new girls!

Please don't hesitate to ask any questions you may have along the way in our Care section. We have got lots of information that you may find helpful at the top of our various Care sections.
http://s1354.photobucket.com/user/stonecold1976/media/Mobile Uploads/jpg_zpsf12e6a08.jpeg.html]
Tilly is on the left. She was called Mario when I got her. Princess is on the right. Didn't bother changing her name. Aren't they both so fantastic.
Tilly and Princess are both stunning :love: Such pretty little laddies
Thanks everyone. Tilly will let me stroke her when she is in the cage and loves cuddles. Princess is a bit more timid but still fab. As soon as one of the girls.wheek the boys start. gonna have a noisy but happy little gang x x
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