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New To Piggies, Help

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Feb 11, 2015
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I recently bought 2 sister guinea pigs. The lady who sold them to me said that the were eating fine and were really healthy. I got them home, they won't eat pellets or veg, cower in their house or a corner all the time. I know they are older then she told me, and she kept them in a really small cage. What do I do to make them more comfortable in the larger cage? And how to I get then to eat pellets or veg?
Are they eating their hay ? When we got our cousin Amelia she would not eat veg at first and we never saw her eat at all until she settled in but she would eat the hay. Could it be they come out to eat when you are not around?
i would maybe try to leave them alone completely until they have settled, spend lots of time in the room with them, but dont interact at all.. eventually they will get used to having you around, they may have been previously abused.

E.g. hit and repeatedly dropped..

Don't worry too much about them hiding, they are prey animals and it is their natural instinct to hide when in new surroundings.. let them get used to you, I used to read to my guinea pig to help him get used to my voice, and eventually he came to trust me and enjoy spending time with me!

As for not eating I would suggest you found somewhere good to hide and try to see if they come outside whn you are not there, be patient and monitor their food and Hay to see if it is decreasing, as @nicky said before..

If not seek a vet's advice, as they may have problems with their teeth and / stomaches.

Guinea Pigs are extremely deceptive when it come to illnesses and injuries, they try t hide it, so be sure to have them checked out by a vet anyway, to make sure they are in good health..
Alot of guinea pigs do not eat in their first feww days i their new home, so be patient, and keep an eye on them, or even both eyes!

hope this helped

Feix the piggie's Mum
Don't worry this is normal. Cover the cage with a towel so dark, switch the lights off because it wil help them settle in and leave them alone!
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