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New Vetbed Is Approved!

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Junior Guinea Pig
Feb 5, 2015
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I've been using bedxcel for a few weeks now, which is pieces of shredded cardboard paper. It's good material, dust free and absorbs really well, but i found it so messy! They would pile everything up so half the time they were sitting on a bare surface.
So after a lot of research i went to the store today to get some vetbed, and i am already in love with it! It's so neat and tidy..
And soft! The piggies love love love it :clap: Couldn't stop popcorning for half an hour haha.
Here some pictures:

image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg
My pigs really love vet bed too. I think it is great. Your piggies are so cute!
Thanks everyone! :lol:
How many times do you guys remove the poops? I have a hand vacuum cleaner that i would like to use, can i do this while they are still inside the cage or will i scare them too much like that?
I used to twice a day. It depends how mucky if gets but usually the end of the day and night there are plenty of poos!

I'm not sure on the Hoover as I didn't use one. But I imagine many people do it with the pigs still inside the cage?
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