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Normal Guinea Pig?

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Huey Ling Tan

Junior Guinea Pig
Feb 21, 2015
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Hi guys,

I got my first piggie in December. Digger was adopted so was not brought up by me. He has an odd behaviour and was wondering if it is a normal guinea pig:

He has lately been squeaking while pooping but only 3 times so far (4 days). So I stopped his kale feeding and he has been pooping just fine. In fact, I saw him scratching his head while a poop came out. IS this normal? I now know I need to cut his kale. Does this mean different vegetables affect guinea pigs differently?
Squeaking while pooping could indicate hes having problems and it hurts him to poop. Would be recommended to take him to the vets ASAP to get it checked out!
Some boar piggies do not cope with greens such as kale, broccoli etc without squeaking.

Cut out all fresh veggies - feed him carrots/readigrass/babycorn/cucumber/natural herbs and fresh grass

see how he goes after 4 weeks.
Hi and welcome!

I recommend to take any cabbages like kale and any crucifera like broccoli off the menu. Kale is very high in calcium and if fed regularly, can help to contribute to the build-up of bladder stones.

Please have your boy checked for potential bladder/urinary tract problems if the pooping/peeing squeaking doesn't go away or gets worse.

How old is your boy and how long have you had him for?
Squeaking while pooping can be a sign of urinary tract infection or bladder sludge/stones. Some pigs are prone to them. I would cut out the calcium-rich vegetables (like kale, spinach, broccoli, etc.) Hope this helps a bit!
Thanks for the advice. i have cut out his kale intake and his romanian lettuce. He seems much more alert and so far so more squeaking. I have also changed his hay to the timothy type by Alfafa King. I will monitor his progress and will take him to see the vet.
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