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Not Eating? Or Drinking?

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Dec 11, 2014
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Ontario Canada (southern)
for the past couple of days my pigge has not been eating that much i give him his favorite veggies but he keeps ignoring it i left it over night but still he is not even eating pellets or hay and not even drinking that much properly! PLEASE HELP!

Thank you.
he didnt completely stop when i give him carrots he eats them! but sadly i cant go to the vet because is way too far and my dad wont drive me in this weather I'm trying to convince him but he wont :'(
Your piggy needs to see an emergency vet like @piggyfan has said as is body will shut down if he does not eat. If this is not possible within the next couple of hours you could try mashing pellets in luke warm kettle water and syringe feeding him it if you have a syringe? If you don't and are desperate, you could try sucking some up with a straw and try dribbling it into his mouth. Obviously a syringe is peferred. Becareful that you see he is actively swallowing the food and you are not pouring it down his throat as you do not want the food to enter his lungs.
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Okay, do you have a syringe? You will need to syringe feed him to keep weight on him and to keep his guts moving.
Yes that will work. Add some hot water to his pellets and mix them into a mush. Once it is totally cold you can syringe feed him slowly.
yes, this is fine. make a paste with the pellets and feed him it every couple of hours.
Your welcome, but please remember this can only be a very temporary solution until you are able to get him to a vet as there is obviously something serious going on with your piggie. Do you think you will be able to get him to a vet tomorow? If your dad refuses to take him tomorrow would you be able to take him by public transport?
Oh ok, well, until then, it's very important you feed him the pellet mash regularly (4-6 times a day), keep him indoors and as comfortable as possible. Keep harrassing your dad to try take him tomorrow and hopefully he will agree if he understands how serious the situation is. Considering your age, your doing a great by your piggie, Keep at the syringe feeding. Hopefully other members will be able to help you even further, but it's quite late, so you might have to wait until morning.
If your worried throughout the night, you can always post here, hopefully someone will reply quickly enough.
lots and lots of luck with your little one, keep us updated! I'm sorry your both having such a difficult time.
Hey pal, how did you get on? i'd love an update on what's happening? x
Aww, i'm so relieved! :D did you manage to get him to the vets then yeah?
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