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Not Eating Until Blown On?

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Jul 23, 2014
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We have a very sick Eric :( the vet thinks he has a chest infection. He is weak hasn't really moved his back legs and seems to have a slight head tilt. he hasn't really eaten for a couple of days. The vet x rayed him and he was completely empty.
He's been in the vets for 3 days out of 4. We've taken him home tonight with the super powder mix if he doesn't eat any food. Now I know it could be our last night with him but then out of the blew Randomly I blew on his face when giving him a but of grass and it helps him eat it. Has anyone ever come across this?
How strange! I've only ever heard of gently blowing in a piggy's face to try & stop them from biting. I wonder if somehow by blowing in his face you are clearing a nasal blockage?
Hi!I am keeping my fingers crossed for your poorly boy!

What meds is Eric on and how bad is his breathing? Has your vet checked for the possibility of an ear infection (re. head tilt)?

How much have you been hand feeding and watering him? If he is not getting enough food through his system, his body is going to close down. If a piggy is severely ill and off its food, feeding can be a struggle and you have to be tough to get it through the crisis.
He has been put on oxygen, given baytril everyday, had 2 different pain killer injections, had liquid injected under his skin, and anti inflammatory injection.
I think he has a blocked nose that when blown on helps some way.
They think it could be nurological but his head tilt goes away after he eats a little bit
Has Eric received a diuretic?!

I imagine that your veterinarian has been treating Eric for a 'Lower Respiratory Infection (Pneumonia)' - A diuretic is this situation is very much beneficial, if not critical!

Do you know which anti-inflammatory/ painkiller Eric has received?!

'Liquid injected under his skin' - Do you mean the veterinarian treated Eric for dehydration/ administered fluids?!

Is Eric eating by himself?!

I apologise for all the questions, but we cannot advise unless we know the situation!
I'm so sorry you are going through this, sadly I lost my fuzzums a week ago to what my vet thought was either a chest infection or pneumonia. He was also administrated fluids for being dehydrated. I really hope and pray for you he starts to get better soon. You are in my thoughts! Xx
He was treated for dehydration yes.
He's not been eating by himself.
I don't know what a diuretic is so I don't know if he has or not. I have the slip with his meds but he has now unfortunately taken a turn for the worst. It's 2am almost and he's sat on me his little heart beating and almost having spasms like he is either trying to bring something up or pass it down. Been like it for about 30 minutes
I'm so sorry to hear that Eric has taken a turn for the worse.

Of course, my advice would be to take Eric to the emergency vets.

However, it sounds as though Eric's organs are failing - In which case, there is nothing more that you can do for him, other than to comfort him.

If you are able to take Eric to the emergency vets, please consider having Eric euthanised - Eric could be 'having spasms" (Gasping?!) for some time otherwise.
Thank you everyone for your kind words and advice.

Unfortunately Eric just passed away in my hands. We know that he is no longer in any pain

We were told it was 30/70 today so didn't expect much just a shame as he actually ate today.
You have my deepest sympathy, and sincere condolences!

Please find comfort in the knowledge that there was nothing more that you could have done for Eric, and that Eric died at home, in familiar hands - I'm sure that Eric greatly appreciated your efforts, and I'm sure that Eric knew that he was very much loved!
I'm sorry to hear this.
Sadly piggies can go downhill rapidly and there is nothing we can do to stop it - Clearly it was Eric's time to go to the Bridge.
Run free little man
I'm so sorry for your loss! They can go downhill quickly in spite of all our best efforts. Linney made those 'choking' motions in her last hours too. I feel for you, I know firsthand it isn't easy, as Linney passed under similar circumstances last month. ((HUGS)) to you. RIP, little Eric!
It's heartbreaking when they go downhill so fast. Bug hugs to you. Popcorn free little one.
I'm so so sorry for your loss. At least he spent his last hours being comforted by someone who clearly loves him dearly. Rest in peace little man x you are in my thoughts
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