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Not Happy

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Junior Guinea Pig
Nov 2, 2014
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Who knows what been up with babys today they they been fighting on n off all day had them on floor so they could run about tho somehow that didnt work had them on me for cuddles they still at each othet iv had them out on there own too that was fine me n my son been playing with them doing alsort they had a bigish fight I put my hand in n got bit that hurt n washed it as it was bleeding I then put them all back jn cage give them food they love n just had a look at them as iv come to bed they all together in a ball sleeping what a day x
Oh dear they do sound like they are not getting on. If a guinea pig fights you must never put your hands between them as you can get really injured. I think the advice is to put a towel over them to stop them.
I'm sorry to hear things aren't going very well.
Hay hun I will next time they fight my finger still hurts a bit n thanks. Too x today they are all getting on so guessing they having an off day think sooner I get the huch for them they have more space I beleave how much they have grown out of the. zoo zone one x
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