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Specialist Nursing Mother With Bumblefoot

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Jan 29, 2009
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Here is Pencil who's delivered her 5 babies 12 days ago. She is a brilliant mum and her babies are thriving.
She was diagnosed with bumble foot in her front feet just before the babies were born and she was prescribed Baytril and Metacam. I was using F&M ointment as well. The left foot has improved but the right foot is very swollen and ulcerated underneath. I am cleaning it daily and applying manuka honey and it is drying up. We are back at the vets tomorrow. I fear she may need surgery but her babies still need their mum as they are all quite small. Also one of her nipples is sore and crusty so I have been cleaning that and applying F&M. So worried, she is such a lovely girl
pencil and her babies.JPG
Went to the vets, we feel her foot is improving, vet suggested adding in metronidazole if improvement stalls. This should get any deep infection in the foot. Will wait and see for now. Hopefully we can keep her going until babies are weaned
Hi there, pleased to hear your little lady is improving. We took a heavily pregnant sow in a few months ago who was suffering from dreadful bumblefoot. Luckily she delivered her 3 pups the day she arrived with us in rescue so after discussion with our vet we started treatment with Baytril, Metacam and Gorgeous Guineas F&M ointment. It has taken many weeks of treatment but her foot is improving considerably, I think decent food and clean bedding also help considerably. Good luck with your little one, stick with it.
Oh my goodness :luv: :luv: :drool: :drool:
I'm in love !
They are all gorgeous!

With a neglected girl I took on. I had some success with Epsom salt soaks & the f&m lotion from gorgeous guineas. But she was elderly with multiple issues&sadly died before the foot treatment was completed. The foot went to about half the size &the infected gunk in her foot was nearly cleared up though.

I think the honey is probably gentler on the feet than the salts I used.

Interested on the use of metronidiazol. I used it on a fish with an infection &apparently its used on chickens with the heximita protazoa? Spelling is rubbish!
Was successful when dissolved in the fish water for a couple of days. Then partial water replacements done.
Would the treatment with a gpig be as a foot bath /tablet or oral liquid form?

The fleece flooring is a good move. The feet need soft padding with no points or rough bits to poke or scratch into the pads.

Healing vibes for your mum of beautiful babies :luv:
The metronidazole is given orally, it kills anaerobic bacteria which can be in deep wounds and abscesses. It also kills protozoal infections like giardia in humans. It seems to be quite gentle on the gut, plus its a nice taste! I am soaking pencils foot in dilute hibiscrub before applying the honey. Her foot is still very swollen but l think the ulcer is drying up. Thankyou for the helpful advice xx
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