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Alba gu brath

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Aug 12, 2010
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hi all
i found the poem on the net and thought you might like it

Smaller than a bunny rabbit, and larger than a mouse;
Once you bring them through the door, they take over your whole house.
Litter here, and parsley there, and romaine for good measure;
Suddenly you are a slave, and the critter is a treasure.

They won't be shy in telling you what is right and what is wrong,
so if you start out ignorant, you won't stay that way too long.
Grumbles, weeps and high-pitched whines will get you right on track,
and once they make themselves at home, there's no turning back.

They'll tell you just how hard life is, as they sit upon your chest,
and they don't want to hear your side, or how you've done your best.
They'll fill your ear with wheeks about their misery and abuses,
while scolding you for being slow, and having too many excuses.

A wheeking noise will rouse you in the early morning hours,
and you'll stumble over to the cage, to the furry thing with powers
like royalty, who summons up a tasty breakfast treat,
and happily munches it, as you try to go back to sleep.

Causing them to miss a meal is really a big error,
'cause when you open up the door you find, they've been a terror;
the litter scattered on your floor is from several well-placed kicks,
the likes of which are coveted in college football picks.

Their taste for food is quite unique, and causes you to guess
If maybe, they want more of this one, and the other a little less.
A favorite food on Monday may not last another day,
and suddenly they turn up their nose and promptly walk away.

When out of their cage, they'll soon explore the world beneath your feet,
and a frantic search will find them munching on any handy treat,
like table legs and fluffy fringes; their taste is quite diverse
and they continue with unswerving effort that's enough to make you curse.

They're known to celebrate their happiness with a hearty popcorn jump,
and they eat their food with gusto, becoming somewhat plump.
With a casual flair, they'll litter your lap with more than one brown pellet.
And you know you'd be a millionaire, if only you could sell it.

Why do we bow to their every whim, and let them rule the place?
The answer there cannot be told - is it in their soft sweet face?
Or those dark bright eyes that mischievously peer from beneath their hideaway cover?
Or perhaps when we hear their loving purr - We just know that we want no other.

How little we know when they first come to us, just how our world will change;
suddenly our life's not our own, and they've caused us to rearrange
our daily habits to accommodate theirs, yet it seems a small price to pay
to be blessed to be the caretakers of the guinea pigs who come to stay.

By Jean


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Jan 13, 2010
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Newbury, Berkshire
That's brilliant! Made me smile reading that, this person really understands the life of a piggy slave.


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Jul 13, 2009
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That was really lovely.
I have to admit that I did cry a little...I'm a soft touch for sappy things 8...
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