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Olivers weight ?

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Apr 14, 2009
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Kidsgrove,Stoke on Trent
Hi ALL :)
Oliver my himy boar has lost bit of weight he is 20 months old.He is eating fine and poops etc seem fine,and he is usual active self,he is drinking more than usual, so i am unsure if its the time of year and its because he isnt going on the lawn as much.I know all about the wasting disease but he is too young for that ?
His teeth look ok and he is eating normally his weight on sept 9th was 1002g and its 804g now am i just being silly ? We have decided to just weigh him weekly for a few weeks at same time of day.He isnt a huge boar and himys tend to be on the smaller side.
Any ideas ?
Helen x>>>
Not open for further replies.