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On and off sticky poops. Advice?

Mo & Stubbins & Vani

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May 27, 2020
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Hi! :)
The piggies are trying to keep their slave on her toes (as always). Over the past week, they have been having on and off sticky poops. This used to happen every couple of months. I would simply take them off veggies for 24-48 hours to let their guts rebalance. This has not happened in a very long time, though. I have been taking them on and off veggies for a week now. Here is what happens:
- I stop giving the piggies the veggies for 24 hours.
- Their poops go back to normal.
- I feed veggies the next night.
- Their poops turn sticky again.
I am hesitant to pull them off veggies for longer. On the other hand, I have been super cautious of any steps with GI issues ever since Stubbins was poorly.
I apologize if this is an odd question, but could this be caused by a change in weather? Is has been 100 degrees and higher this week (37.7 degrees Celcius). I have the A/C on all the time with the shutters closed, but it has been a few degrees warmer, for sure. My room is normally around 70 degrees (21 degrees Celcius).
Any advice is much appreciated.
Stubbins recently put on 25 grams!! :yahoo:


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Aug 2, 2018
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When you restart the veggies after a tummy upset, you have them off veg for a further 24 hours after things normalise. It sounds like that is what you saying you are doing though.

When you do give them veggies, how are you doing it? Are you just giving them their normal veg meal on that night? when you reintroduce veg after a tummy upset, you need to do it slowly, only a small amount and it can be best to start with herbs as they are milder. So for that first night back on veg, I’d give them perhaps two sprigs of coriander each and that’s it. If they are ok with that, then add in another veg and so on.