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One Of My Girls Being Left Out

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Lauren kelly

Junior Guinea Pig
Nov 12, 2014
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After a few weeks of sorting a hierarchy my girls are finally settled and daisy and Ivy have became best friends they squeak when each other aren't around and follow each other everywhere however they aren't like that with gabby and I feel like she's being left out should I get another to keep her company or what? Any opinions would be great thanks
Outsider issues are sadly very common with trios. You can either think about adding a neutered boar or a younger girl. Neither will upset the newly established hierarchy. If you can get to a rescue to date your girls, that would be best. Character compatibility in small groups is paramount for long term success and it pays off taking extra care about it.

Whereabouts are you located so we may ber able to point you to a good rescue?
I'm in Birmingham not far from the city centre
Then you should have no problems getting to the RSPCA Walsall; I have managed to get there by train with a couple of my own piggies for dating. They offer dating for sows and mixed groups. Please be aware that they can be a bit slow with returning messages and calls as they are entirely volunteer run. Four guinea pigs need a minimum of 2x6 ft ground space.
http://www.rspca-walsall.org.uk/page7a.html or https://www.facebook.com/rspca.walsall
I have a trio of boys n feel jack n smudge leave rolo out tho on a night they all cuddle up x
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