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One Upset Piggie!

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New Born Pup
Apr 29, 2015
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hi, I'm new to this and I'm really concerned.

I have had my piggies since October, they have always gotten a long and never fight. One of my piggies was pregnant when I got her and my other one was fine then too. They only get loud when they are on heat.

there are three piggies in their cage, they have a huge cage with plenty of room for there own space and plenty of floor time.

over the past week she has been making odd noises and fighting my other piggies. we think there's something wrong but can't work it out. my other piggie seems to think there is something wrong too as she is constantly watching over her and going over to check on her.

I'm at a lose of what to do and fear my other piggies may become injured.

has this happened with anyone else? is there any advice anyone could give me.
I've tried looking for a specialist piggie vet in my area and can't seem to find one and not sure whether to risk just seeing a normal vet.

Have you checked them over for signs of any changes? Some conditions such as ovarian cysts are common in piggies and cause them to be more "bossy" than normal. When Bea had her first cyst(s) she was forever rumblestrutting at the others and headbutting them
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It is most likely that the change in aggressive/confrontational behaviour is due to small growing ovarian cysts. thankfully, there are alternatives to a spaying operation these days, like hormone treatment or draining, but you want to find a vet who is able and willing to do it.
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