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Oct 13, 2010
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I've just bought a brand new outside hutch and hutch hugger for £55 on ebay and I'm well impressed (although it's not gonna be here till wednesday/thursday).
It's a double hutch with 4 rooms and stairs but you can close the stairs off if you need to.
I'm thinking of putting my boys in there and at least they can be separated if they carry on fighting, I've no idea what's wrong with them at the mo one minute they're ok and the next they all over each other.
They've had another fight last night whilst in the house and Albie's bit Alfie's frenula (the bit under the nose) and drew blood.
It always seems to be Alfie who starts it but Albie finishes it and Alfie always come off worse for wear.
I don't really want to seperate them but it bothers me that they might take it further and really hurt each other, they been together for about 2 months but only started fighting about 3 weeks ago they have a little spat everyday sometimes it's nasty sometimes silly but then always a few mins after they're cuddling up together and as soon as I take one away they both squeal until they're back together.
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