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I was cuddling Harry and then my mum wanted to so we swapped and i took Zubin almost immediatly he sniffed where harry had been and began to rumble so i lifted him gently to the cusion when he went CRAZY and flew at me he bit my cheek and nose and arm as he landed! could this be jealousy, territorial or that hes not well I'm so confused hes usually so dosile luckily theres not blood just bruisin looks like ive had a fight got a large bruise on my cheek and under my nose nad my arm has a slight scratch cant belive it its Definatly vets in the mornin i really am worried he did perk up a bit after free ranging and eatin grass but its not like him are boars usually this aggressive! Neutering and females is on the cards at the moment i no i wont affect his behaviour but i want them to have companions that will be ok with them no fighting. Anyone else had a experience like this!
no experience of that lovey, maybe he is really jealous? Might be worth holding him first, cos then he would leave his scent on you.. He probably smelt Harry and thought 'this is MY mummy, that'll teach her!'?
Maybe, it was so strange and scary happend so fast hes in his cage now! and so's harry will definatly be holding him first in future! lol he has Vets in the AM so maybe get a Vit c shot and Anti botics they do that nearly all the time i see them, totally changing the subject i just heard bird flu is in the UK! incase people havent heard anyways i will try that kelly x
Yeah boys can get very jealous, I hold mine first or second in turn every time.
Explains alot i was terriofied i had hurt him even though i always hold him like that x
He could have bitten because he is in pain somewhere - that might explain why he has been looking unwell. Please get him checked out asap.

It could also be jealousy but I wouldn'texpet such a strong reaction from a normally placid pig.

Try putting some arnica cream on the bite marks - will clear themmuch quicker.
He has vets tonight at 4 i though pain to becasue he Bit my sister aswell, i rang her (shes been at a friends) where she told me he had hit his head the other day which got me VERY angry because she didnt tell me when it happened! he seems a little better this morning x
Vets booked for tonight cant believe she didnt tell me GRRRR!
Good luck to you and Zubin at the vets. Perhaps he got frightened whan he banged his head, and now he is afraid the same thing will happen again.

Caroline x
Zubin went to the vets and is in tip top health! apparantly hes grieving for Griffy,the women said to me does he live along and i said yes and she said has he always and i told her of Rudi nad Griffy and shes said she thought as much and has just tole me to keep him company and never let him see Harry as the aggression is stressfull for them shes a new excotic vet there shes a lovely women but her english is broken and she loved Zubins name lol i think its a names from where she lived because she just kept asking about it lol his nails are beginig to curl a little like Tons kelly iis that my fault did i trim them rong will cut them tomoro x
No, you didn't cut them wrong lovey.. you have to just keep trimming them regularly.. Ton has flat feet -always has, that's why his curl, they are the shortest possible.. :)

Glad Zubin is ok my lovey.. I used to put in a cuddly toy for Ton when we lost Jin, and Ton would cuddle up to it.. Might be worth doing the same?
Tried it with a little rabbit my sister didnt want (removed the tags first) but he was scared of it lmao hes very nervy lol ill see if we have a little on somewhere i dont really have any except a giant rat lol. i saw TWO mice in with him yesterday they where eating his food with him still at the bowl i was so shocked and terrified i had to call my dad who got rid of them i have tried everything to get rid of them grrr lol. will try the toy. hes havin a cuddle with Abbie at the moment who did get a slap kelly lol not telling me that >:( x
LOL - well when you do, roll the teddy in his bedding first cos then it will have some of his scent on it and wont be that scared.
kellyandpiggies said:
Ton has flat feet -always has, that's why his curl, they are the shortest possible.. :)

A flat footed piggy? Why does that affect his nails and their length?
as his feet are flat, his nails curl in the gaps between his toes - his nails have turned around slighty.. The wicks in his nails are long, so it always looks like he has long nails..

I'll take a piccie when he wakes up! Might make more sense to see it
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