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Our Little Girl Has Passed Away

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Mar 24, 2011
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Patch has passed away peacefully in her sleep. We knew it was coming she was a very old lady, for the last few days she hardly ate and we were giving her cranberry juice and water which she loved. She is survived by honey a piggy we took in about 2 years ago. Their cage is in our living room so honey will still get lots of attention from us. I have decided to keep honey as a single pig although I feel tremendously guilty with my decision, after keeping pigs for 12 year's I know if I introduced honey to a companion a few years down the line we will have to go down this road again. Are there any members that have decided to keep a berived pig as a singlton? I would be greatful for any tips. Thank you
thats very sad news and i'm sorry for your loss.....I lost Betty a couple of months ago she leaves Hattie who is around 6-7 years old and I have decided to keep her as a singleton. She seems fine and happy and keeps herself busy foraging in her hay in fact i dont think she would appreciate a new friend she has 2 pairs of bunnies next door to her in the shed so she sees them and hears them chomping on hay and I put the radio on for her in the evening ...:whistle:
So very sorry for your loss. Maybe in a couple of months, you'll change your mind and get a new friend for Patch.
She may be grieving, too, and a new pal would help her - and you - to feel better.
I'm so sorry for your loss, I had a friend who went down a similar route after a long stream of pairing a new pig with a bereaved pig. If you change your mind maybe you can consider an older pig from a rescue?
I am very sorry for your loss!

If you ever want to change your mind about Honey, you could consider either a similar aged piggy or rehoming a pair of younger piggies for company. Both Honeybunnies near Enderby/Fosse park or the RSPCA Walsall are not far from you and offer dating at the rescue.
I am so sorry for your loss. I had a single pig before my current 3, her friend died when she was 4 1/2, so we thought Poppy wouldn't live much longer as most of our previous piggies lived to around 4-5 years. Poppy lived until days before her 7th Birthday :) She was kept indoors & we had her out every day a lot. I don't think she missed her friend, she didn't pine & although I don't think it is ideal to keep them on their own if you are at the point where you are thinking this one may be your last then as long as she isn't pining for her friend & has lots of interaction with you then she should be fine. I think we will eventually face this decision ourselves & if we are left with one on it's own we will only get another if we feel we need to.
I'm really sorry for your loss. I know that when one of mine passes, I will be having the same quandary (do I leave a singleton, do I pair with a younger pig, do I try to adopt a similar-aged older pig?) Best of luck to you and Honey whatever you choose.
Thank you all for your kind words and advice. Well it's been over 24 hour's and honey seems fine. I have brought her some new toys she is in a large indoor cage so we can all chat to her and get her out for cuddles. So hopefully she will be fine, she seems her usual happy self not hiding away which I think is,a good sign.
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