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Pale poos and white wee

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Jan 27, 2010
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I mentioned this on my ratewatchers thread but thought it shold really go in this section.

I changed the piggies diet to ratewatchers a few days ago as we were getting some white chalky wee and I was concerned about the cacium to phosphorus ratios.

Since then I have found some very pale poos. I know they are coming from at least Gertie as I have seen her pass one (she did not have any trouble passing it) and I think Izzie too as hers are easy to spot as they are much smaller still. Buzz and Woody's are slightly lighter too.

We are also still getting the white chalky wee.

Does anyone have any good advice on this?

We are going to the vets early in the week anyway as Gertie is scratching once again and has opened up acouple of old scars so I will ask then too.

Thanks very much.
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