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Dec 18, 2014
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I need to send my passport off in Jan and I've gotten the picture taken and form ready, just need someone to counter sign. The trip as part of my uni course is in April to France so, to be honest I thought I was getting it done in good time. I've just read an email that says they need it before Feburary for the travel agent and so now I'm worried it won't be in on time.

Earliest I can send off the application is 5th jan because that's when I go back to uni and have some details to hand I don't have at home. I also can't travel down to get it on the day because I'm a student and it's twice as much to do, plus a train ticket that costs as much as the passport itself.

My question is why would the travel agent need my passport two months in advance of us traveling to France? I didn't think you needed a passport to book holidays or flights? You need the number but that can be done a couple of weeks before? I'm hoping she is saying February just so the uni know I'm actually getting one and that a few days late won't matter what do you think?

The alternative is just going on a local trip to the Lake District and may or may not have to pay for the France trip on top of that even if I don't go.
I wouldn't be handing my passport over to ANYONE. ANYONE.
I would be asking my they need my actualpassport and not just the number etc.
You can also get fast track applications for passports but there is a charge for that service.
Oh no we give them a photo copy, it's to the actual uni so I'm sure it's legit :') if it's not what kind of geography course am I on:lol:

I know you can fast track but like I said, it's twice as much plus the train ticket there makes it three times as much and I can't afford that as a student not with a £1000 fee for a trip to Iceland and 500 for France :eek: Paying 9,000 a year you'd think compulsory trips would be included!:td: It's ridiculous
Yeah you would think it's included! WOW!

That's good that you only give them a photocopy, I wouldn't trust anyone with my passport but myself lol.
The only other thing you could do was send it off and hope that it comes back quick. We sent ours off just after Christmas last year and got them both back within 3 weeks which was a nice surprise! :)
That's what I'm hoping for :( I hope that Feburary Is just a deadline for them to really ask if it's on the way, I can see that if I hadn't applied by then I couldn't go but if it's a few days into Feburary and it arrives I don't see why that'd be too much of a problem, thinking they're just playing it safe I've never heard of needing a passport for a travel company a whole two moths in advance.
No I've not heard of that either. Perhaps explain all of this to college and just say that you do want to go but may not get your passport back for the beginning of Feb?
I'm going to email them when I've sent it off that it's on it's way and pay for the post office check. Then I know everything is in complete working order and on it's way so I won't get problems with it being sent back or anything. Then if it comes to Feburary and it's still not here I can say it'll be here any day and they'll know I'm serious and hopefully take pity and know I'm coming :lol::lol:
I got my passport back today! It was super quick and I'm really happy. I've emailed my lecturer the details and i can definitely go to France :D thanks everyone.
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