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[color]Is anyon hr as annoy an angry at pts at hom as i am? i am writing a lttr of complaint an m an my bst frin plan aptition that all pt shop staff at last know th basics bfor thy ar allow to sll livstok, os anyon hr agr with th fact thy just ont know nough plas shar m your storis of pts at hom so i hav othrs opinions thy sol m my baby griff at a vry low wight an now my babis gon an i am convinc it was own to thr lack of knowlg an will NT! buy anothr animal thr again, Pam Purr pts ar brilliant thy train thr staff with pt managmnt na piggis ar only to b sol as twos! is it just m or is that a grat ia i saw two mal rxs toay an was so tmtp but i hav to think of Zubin an gttin him a frin again now that two hav gon :'( :'( but if thos rxs ar thr nxt wk I'm gttin thm i fl so strongly about this an i wont stop until thy apologis it might just b my local but I'm so ANGY >:(
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Susie (Barmy4Boars on here) was been campaigning against PAH for ages and collecting evidence etc. Get in touch with her!
oooo now she sounds like the person i need to talk to do you think she will mind if i PM her?
I'm not so sure about petitioning, the main reason that people don't actually want to get involved because Pets at home is generally a good store (for the things they sell, not animals) and not all are the same. but you could well try lovey.. People have been trying to stop places from selling pets because of that very reason; staff know nothing about the animals they sell.

I have never been a fan of places selling animals when quite often they have no idea what they're doing. That is why more often then not, I buy the guinea pigs and give them the life they deserve.

I'm not saying it was their fault that Griffin died because of their lack of knowledge and care.. Could just be that he was so ill that nobody knew about it. This was neither your fault.

I hope you are able to get somewhere with your petition, I am all for it. Please keep us updated.

xx Kelly xx
I didnt think the petition idea was ok either but Maxine was suggesting we broke in and set the pets free and shes very determinded so i suggested a petetion seemed easiter hehe, i know it wasnt the entierly there fault but when we bought Zub they offered free health checks and promised to refund or replace (like some sort of microwave!) any animal but when i asked with Griff they where very quick to say no they then wouldnt give me a valid answer as to why she just mutterd something then took my money which makes you think why?
They all say that cos actually they don't know where they stand if and when something does happen to any animal they sell...

It's hard to actually get something done about it.

I really feel for you love, and for othera that have had problems with them.

And as for setting them free, it's a good idea in theory but all the animals they have are domesticated and fairly tame.. Setting them free will in fact kill them as they wont have any skills to survive.. (I know that you wouldn't lovey)

xx Kelly xx
Lol i know that my friends an extremist she ment well but i dont think she thought it threw
I sympathise entirely with you, but why not wait a week or so before you do anything? At the moment you won't be able to think clealy because of your terrible grief. x
oh yes i plan to wait until i am ready to do somethin i know that at the moment i wont be thinking straight, i have emailed susie so i feel like i have done somethin, i would like to buy a little stone thingy for him and rudi i want to bury him near rudi, so i might have to sort that out soon I'm sure my nans friend would make me a little wooden cross or somethin
Also, one of the problem regarding their piggies is that they get them from a Commerical breeder who breeds them on a BIG scale with little or no thought about the piggies welfare and health, which means that the piggies are not going to be very fit to begin with! :'(
Yeh, I saw many mixed breeds and i heard that thats ok in some breeds but others you get lethals? and Griffin was a aby in places and another long haired breed in other places now i have no experience with breed seeing as how i have had just had boys so i dont no how excatly that would affect the health of a piggie i love animals but I'm doin human nursing and i no there totally different i love the idea of all you guys breeding because you adding to your family in a lovely way, but these people might be doin it purely to make a profit and i really dont like that idea (hope i havent offended anyone) ok i do understand that a few may have had accidental pregnancys which if they dont have the room they did what they thought best i really wish i could have seen Griffins mother and brother and sisters but its too late now so jsut gotta look to the future x x
beni was injured in PAH before we got him and he still has scars on his ears and a bruise on his nose from it.

I think that could have been because the rabbits and guineas are kept in together and either a rabbit bit and kicked him or it was another guinea.

Just emailed them a complaint! Wish i didnt have to go back there but i do no other shop will sell me just a single piggie
I wouldn't set foot in another PAH since I had to force a stroppy 16 year old assistant to check on a hamster that was upside down between its bowl and the side of the glass cabinet. It was the hottest day and all the rodents were in glass cages gasping for breath. Hubby had to pullme out of there before I either hit someone or bought all the rodents. He still isn't sure what would have been worse.

I would rather get my animal food delivered than go to that shop again.
I fully understand your grief, and would be just as mad, but as you dont know the piggys history and in all likely hood he had been inbred, something I find nasty (I'm a prude) but any pigs I have had from breeders either rescued or given have died within 2 years most the first year, my only 2 left are clara and lily, out of 9 ( within 2 years) so it makes you think,
I know all breeders do not do this and am for breeding in circumstances like showing them and keeping them or giving them to friends so they have good homes or like in my case i know mine are not bred incorrectly if any of mine have any health problems then its simple I do not breed from that pig, I have not bred for about 2 years now I did try 2 females late last year but niether conceived but i only do it to top up my numbers instead of buying from shops, (which I do rarely)
have you tried telling the shop about simple guinea pig care ie not keeping rabbits in with pigs etc, I found a pet shop that kept their animals on sawdust I asked to see the manager and explained about sawdust being bad for them and he said he would make sure they are changed to paper and hay which he did do, he also explains about care to the customers and has a list of piggy lovers who can give them help ( me included) dont go back there and try to find another pig through the local paper, you will get to see their home and maybe their parents,
its very sad when a loved pet dies and you want to blame anyone else for it, but to be honest its the companys fault not staff as they have not had proper training, what about writing to their head office and explain that their companys got a bad name for itself and you are thinking of writing to a tv consumer programme etc about it,
I know its hard but be strong, the world is full of nasty individuals and we cannot hope to change them all , but knowing us lot on here are nice piggy lovers is proof there is some truly wonderful piggy and animal lovers around
My 2 piggies were from a breeder and are now 3.5 years old. but they have both had ovarian cysts and cysts ontheir bodies which is probably due to inbreeding.
just made me think I have'nt had any cysts on my piggys for a while now the last one was quincee and she had one right in her swirl on her head bless her we thought she was growing a horn lol, but i managed to get rid of it myself, thankgoodness, and its never come back, seems wierd why I'm having more problems with abcesses then cysts now, caused by teeth or something they have chewed on etc sometimes never knowing why, its the unexplained deaths I find hard to take,
alot of people are fed up with P A H if you go to guinea pig world there are lots of complaints about them but there are some good storys too.it seems to depend on where you live the biggest complaint is that they keep rabbits and guinea together when i contacted the head office i was sent a letter which is on the g p w forum.basiclly they say that they keep the animals together because they are young and can be kept together all thier staff are highly trained(hehe)and every guinea pisis sold with a care leaflet and if thier are any problems in 7 days please return the aniaml for a replacement or refund.
(ITS A GUINEA PIG NOT A BROKEN MICROWAVE)sorry about that please write to P A H head office with your complaint sooner or later they will have to do something about it.

soory about legth of this
kaztrekie (complaints to)
Pets at Home Limited
Head Office
Epsom Avenue,
Stanley Green Trading Estate,
Tel: 0870-194 3600
Fax: 0161-485 4846

Email: [email protected]
My point excatly once that piggies in your home you love him or her if he or she is ill wouldnt it be better for them to provide free vets bills until it recovered bet then they'd pay better attention to the piggies health, i hate the fact there kept together too my bunnies and piggies mix sometimes but they are free range in the garden and dont bother each other punking loves Zub but they have ampal space and others of there kind, I saw a bunnie alone once with guineas and he looked scared and lonely if i had one bunnie he or she wouldnt be put with guineas ever ohh they get me narked i no i got Harry there the other day but i cant bare to see them there i really cant half the staff there dont know how to sex a pig, hammy etc grr >:(
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