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Photo Competition Rules

Discussion in 'Your Photos and Videos' started by sport_billy, Oct 13, 2013.

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  1. sport_billy

    sport_billy Administrator
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    Nov 10, 2009
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    We will be running a Monthly Photo Competition to raise money for The Excellent Adventure Dental Sanctuary, which is run by Debbie and looks after Guinea Pigs who require regular dental work and often round the clock syringe feeding and care.

    Entry is 50p per photo and all money raised goes to The Sanctuary. Every 2 months all entries will go into a prize draw to win a fab piggie prize, so for 50p you could help a piggie in need and win a fab prize! You do not have to win the Photo competition to win the 2 Monthly prize draw. The more photos you enter the greater your chance of winning a fab Piggie Present!

    But oh no there's more.......
    The Winner of the Photo of the Month also receives the following!

    1. The winning photo will be displayed don the forum sidebar.
    2. Photo will be featured on our Facebook Page
    3. Your 'User Title' for the month will be 'Guinea Pig Photo Comp Winner!'
    4. You shall have bragging rights over all others on the forum!
    5. Winner gets to choose a theme for the following months photo!
    6. All winning photos will go into a sticky thread in the Stories & Photo's section for all of time for everyone to see!

    How great is that?!

    1. One image per 50p. IF you submit more than one, it will be removed by a mod or Admin
    2. The photo must be of one or more of your Guinea Pigs and taken by you.
    3. No Photoshopping or manipulation allowed
    4. Please do not vote for your own photo, we can't stop this but hope fair play will win the day :)

    How to Enter and How it works....

    1. Submit your photo to the 'Photo Competition Submissions Thread' This thread will be open for a limtied time only.
    2. Entry is 50p per photo
    3. Paypal your 50p to theexcellentadventuresanctuary@gmail.com - Remember the whole of your submission fee goes to helping piggies with severe dental problems who are being looked after by Debbie at her Dental Sanctuary
    4. All Photos will be added to a Photo Competiton Page and you can place your vote
    5. Votes will be added up and winner announced in third week of month.

    I do have the right to change these rules - as I am admin :p - But of course any rule changes will be made public before any competition takes place

    This thread has been edited on 3/3/14 to reflect the change of paypal address to TEAS account
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