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Pictures Of Our New Piggies

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Aww love them. So cute. They look like baby twins of my 2. Lol. :wel: To the forum.
They are albino twins. Although there is a difference between them. They are still babies born begin Oct.
So cute. The one with the brown nose and ears looks like a Himalayan. And the other cutey looks like a pew.(pink eyed white) they are both gorgeous.
Fluffy and Snowball are beautiful! :drool: thanks for sharing!
Thanks everyone. They are still a bit skittish (Snowy more so than Fluffy) but getting better.
They will take time to get used to you, but they look like very happy little piggies! Great names too :)
They're gorgeous! I've got a real soft spot for Himalayans! :luv:

I've recently got new girls that are also skittish. But over time they will learn to trust you don't worry! My last piggie Brillo took a couple of months to trust me fully, but by the end of his life would happily lie and relax on my knee and practically climb on me to greet me in the mornings :)
Me too I love white piggies. Dark or pink eyes it doesn't bother me.
Oh they are adorable! I love red eyed piggies and himi's are my favourite. I've always wanted one. :wub:
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