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Pig Bed

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What a cute photo! He is adorable! :love: The bed is also really nice, I like the pattern!
He is stunning! He looks very happy on his bed. Mine chew their beds too.
Rusty, look at your piggy lips :drool:
He is so cute! Was reading your other post how your piggie came to you and thought it was sweet! As a fellow new pup, it is a great feeling when the Digger came out and ate off my hands and there are days during floor time he just walks right up to him and look at me straight in the eye saying, "is this really what you are feeing me? Where is my romanian lettuce!" lol... Then I find myself talking to him as if he is a baby that it is bad for him to have it everyday!
Thank you all for the kind comments!

Here's another picture we just took, gave him some fresh greens and also sprinkled some dried herbs on it. Very excited, he hopped around about it for 10 seconds and then got to munching away. He will likely disappear this in less than 20 minutes. :)
2015-03-12 12_19_22-IMG950697.jpg (JPEG Image, 1600 × 1200 pixels) - Scaled (68%).png
Somehow don't think this was his first time eating from a plate, as Mr. Pig poses for the camera xD
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