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Pig Nose Bleed

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Jun 17, 2011
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Middlesbrough, North East
I have an older boar (5 years approx). He's had a nose bleed today. I noticed a small amount of blood on his nose, but when I looked in his pigloo there was what looked like a lot of blood. It definitely looked like it had come from a sneeze then dribbled down the side. I have a picture if that would help. This has happened before (rarely). Maybe once every 6 months or less.

I adopted him and he's always had a wheezy chest. It improved massively with fleece and for the past few years hasn't really been a problem. He's been to the vets several times about his chest and the vet has always said he seems fine. He still sometimes snuffles, especially in summer.

Some other points: he's always seemed to eat a lot more slowly than my girl.

He also now takes a long time to wake up. I have to whistle loudly a few times before he wakes up. I'm putting this down to old age as he's always been happy sleeping in the open and has woken much more slowly than an average pig.

I'm mainly curious as to anyone else has a pig with similar nose bleed issues. What could be the case of it? Is there anything I/the vet could do?

Thanks in advance :)
Until a few weeks ago I would have said nose bleeds were rare but I think we have had a few on here recently. I would get him checked out.

The other symptoms you mention could be heart related, do you have access to a different guinea pig savvy vet who you could discuss heart issues with? Does he nod when he breathes? do you ever notice a blue tinge to his nose, ears or feet? how is his weight? has his chest ever been xrayed to check for fluid? If you need any more information please let me know as I have a few pigs on heart medication.
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