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Piggy Dreams...

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Lady Kelly

Senior Guinea Pig
Jan 11, 2011
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Tuesday night I had a brief dream of my late Bea (pts early Jan). She was in the new piggy hutch downstairs and came running over to the door when I came over. Her little face all expectant like she used to look when it was time for her daily pain relief.

I woke feeling a bit sad as I don't think I'm dreamt of any of my piggies before and it reminds me of how much I miss her. Though a part of me is happy as I feel she came to me to say it's ok, she's happy with the new set up as more suitable for her friends.
Have a hug Kelly x Dreams of people or pets we have lost are always bitter sweet. I always try and think of them as a comfort. I have also dreamt about Putt and Megan, when this happens I like to think of it as them visiting and as you say knowing they are okay now..

She was such a amazing little girl x
*hugs* I agree with Lee, it's something very bittersweet. At least you are dreaming of the good times :)
I have never had a dream of my Squeak who I lost last year. But I have recently had a dream about my bunny, Acorn, who I lost because she had problems after being spayed. I woke up feeling so awful and just wanted to cry because it was so soon after loosing her. But I too like to think of it as them telling us they are doing well, it makes me feel better that way because they remember us like we remember them.

Huge hugs, she is looking out for you!xx
Oh Kelly, I had a similar dream about my old girl Toffee last week and it unsettled me for days so I know how you feel. I think Bea was telling you shed had a great life with you and was happy. Bittersweet as Lee says. Bug hugs.
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