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Piggy Isn't Eating His Veggies Since Being Neutered Last Thursday

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Adult Guinea Pig
Nov 9, 2012
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Not the nicest of subjects but I'm hoping that someone can help me out with what the problem is with the lighter coloured poos on the left of this picture. They belong to one of my rescue boys, Aldous who was neutered last Thursday but has hardly eaten his veggies since he came back to the rescue on Friday. His weight is fairly stable,actually gone up from 1.094Kg to 1.098Kg from Sunday to today. He's due at the vets for post-op check tomorrow morning so any info I can take there would be much welcome. Prior to his op he had been at the rescue for 5 weeks with his companion but they fell out badly last week. Prior to that they had both been gaining weight each week & always eating most of the veggies before the next meal.Thanks x

Do you know if there is a chance he could have some pain? is he on pain killers? Not too sure on the poos, was thinking maybe he is a bit dehydrated but I know you said elsewhere that he has been drinking a bit. I can't tell from the photo but do the poos seem two-tone? if so, this can indicate some kind of gut disturbance but with gas there are usually little holes too. Only thing I can think of is to add in some vitamins like Metatone which would also help stimulate the appetite.
Hi, if he is not eating anything at all then I would try and get hold of some Critical Care to syringe feed just to keep his gut moving. If he is still eating and his weight is not dropping I would not worry too much but ask at his checkup. If not already, ask about painkillers? this may help him to eat. hope this helps.
I took him back to the vets on Saturday afternoon after I saw he had not eaten Friday night's veggies. He was put on Baytril, Zantac & Loxicom (another type of Metacam). He's also been getting 1ml of Fibreplex a day. Hs weight on Sunday was 1.094Kg & his weight yesterday was 1.098Kg. He has definitely been eating hay, readigrass & Excell pellets but the veggies are being left. I've never had a guinea pig go like this before so I'm really worried at present. Going to the vets in 1/2 hour so keeping fingers crossed x
It is odd that it is just the veggies being left, did the vet make a comment on that? Also just out of interest what is the Zantac? As I used to have Zantac for acid reflux for myself! Fingers crossed for you. :)
I had it prescribed before for guinea pigs & rabbits with poor appetite who are also on antibiotics such as Baytril x
I had a guinea pig who would go off his veggies when poorly. He would ignore his cucumber but would still eat hay and other veggies. Cucumber was his favourite and was a clear indicator that he wasn't 100%, I always knew when he was feeling better as he would snatch his cucumber and quickly devour it.

Quite a unique behaviour definitely get him checked out. Maybe he's still feeling tender. X
The vet has seen him & isn't too worried. Doesn't think he's in pain sosaid to stop his painkiller but to complete the 7 day course pf Baytril & Zantac. She thinks it may be a combination of the anaesthetic & living in a cage on his own after having had to be separated last week for fighting with his companion. I'll just keep an eye on him & weight him daily until he's eating normally. His operation area is healing well & no problems there.
Hi Stewy, sorry to hear he is having some issues. I would also have thought the change in poo colour indicates a gut issue such as gas too. Does he look bloated at all? Maybe an xray to rule out any gas issues... The Zantac will help, would they consider adding Emeprid also (works on different part of gut)

@Pebble @Abi_nurse
Odd. Is he outside? Could the weather upset him? Has he been on any antibiotics? Any change to the cage or environment?


Ps. I get the odd coloured poo with the piggies from time to time but if they're formed and moist like hey are I don't tend to be concerned too much. I may be wrong.
Lighter coloured poos are often indicative of a reduction in leafy green veggies intake compared to normal. Also I sometimes find they go lighter if the pig is on septrin.
I find a handful of spinach or kale normally rectifies things - however as you've already observed, he is off his veggies which suggests something is brewing (could be pain or even a URI).
The pain relief you now have should hopefully get him eating normally within the next 24hrs. Re additional gut meds - my vet gives zantac (in preference to emeprid) and cisapride (cisapride works on hind gut),
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