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Piggy's & Pics From The Past

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Oct 31, 2012
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i dont post enough pigtures on here so thought i had better rectify it :nod:

i was looking through some old photographs &had a good wander down memory lane. So here you go here are some of my memory lane photo's :D

first up Kizzy (Dutch) & her surprise baby Dumpling (Black eye patch / earphones) & Kizzys sister Turbo (Brown &ginger) my first ever furballs :luv:


Next we have Podge from a one woman rescue :luv: CIMG0119.JPG
Podge & Bea. again from the same one woman rescue :love:
As you can see they got on really well :wub:


Bea (biege) & Tinkerbell (black & tan) she was possibly one of the most mischievious piggies i had, but lovely :wub:
I always had a thing about Black & tans & she filled this special little spot in my heart :hug::love: @Jess

Awww they are all gorgeous!
Do you have a photo of Tinkerbells face?
Loving that stinkeye :))

Wonderful photos and fantastic memories! :love:

Podge's eye make-up :drool:
i did have a video of Tinkerbell chattering but i can't find it at the moment :hmm:

Here is my 3day pig. i had her 3 days & she bullied poor Tinkerbell i had to separate them after less than an hour together. My last experience of a back street breeder, i had to keep her three days because the woman was going away for the weekend. Her husband got all stroppy when i told her i was taking her back as it wasn't working. but she went back as she was a bully & attacked Tinkerbell tearing her ears & making her squeal when they weren't separated :no:
although they had been fine on my lap.

so along came Doodle... Flop Doodle from a friend who had too many piggy's due to an escapee that was put in the wrong hutch by a well meaning neighbour :yikes:
She was so soft & loved being stroked the wrong way :crazy::wub:
Will try &put some more on tomorrow. Long day today :(

They all make me smile looking back. All lovely in their own special ways &all broke my heart when they had to leave me.

They have all fed &strengthened my guinea pig addiction ;)
I'll try &post one or two videos I have found too. It wasn't having it yesterday :(

Thankyou for all your lovely comments :)
You all have gorgeous piggies too :)
... Is there such a thing as an ugly piggy? Nah can't be, not seen one yet :)
My guinea pig that had no name, she didnt stop with me long about 48hrs & i had to return her to the lady who gave her to me. my second and last failed attempt bonding. she was just too overpowering & dominating for poor submissive Dash, even though they had shared the same living quarters with others when i was given her.


So Dash's Sister (i believe) came home & they lived in harmony often snuggled together, generally either underneath or on top of each other. Welcome Libby (because she would freeze petrified & statue (of liberty) like for the first 8months!CIMG5363.JPG
from day one they always had frilly damaged ears that stayed the same all the time i had them, but never caused any problems thankfully :))
feb trial 015.JPG

feb trial 021.JPG

5yrs spent happily together before Dash (right) was taken from me with an aggressive tumour & a quick onset of pneumonia. Libby suddenly started to barber Dash round her neck, which was when i first realised Dash had the tumour in her neck :(
I'm sure she was trying to show me her sisters lump to try & heal it for her :)
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