Pigture of Sylvie (aka Pippin)

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A few pictures of Sylvie who always seems to escape the camera!  Mary kindly gave me this little lilac girl. She was quite skittish to begin with but now comes when she's called.  Stands still when I put my hand in the cage & has even done the little chuckle when she's been on my knee. I was really concerned about her to start with because she developoed head tilt for about 2 hours.  She had a kind of bubble/lump on her rump.  A trip to the CCT & Vedra said that it could be a kind of bacteria that 'normal' vetinary practise says only rabbits can get as there were no ear mites & no inner ear infection. She said she's definately seen a couple of cases of it in guineas.  If anyone is to know its Vedra! Another theory over the head tilt could be that she was owned by an old couple before Mary got her & she 'may' (no evidence on this one though) have been picked up by her scruff which was 'the way to pick up animals'.  I did do a bit of Reiki on her & it felt like my hands were icy (usually your hands get hot). Anyway she's fine!
She tried to assert her dominance over the 2 old girls but Emily my tri-colour stepped in & sorted things out.
I have brought them in tonight from the shed because we're already getting fire-works. >:(
Does anyone think she has a slight band of white like a Dutch does?  It doesn't show up in the pics but she also has white around her eyes like a silver fox :D
Here she is in my home made GeePee!




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Aug 9, 2006
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She's lovely! If she has the banding round both eyes and a pale under belly then she could have fox in her :) Otherwise I would say she's a lilac bi smooth...
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