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Pip's Nose

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Teenage Guinea Pig
Aug 23, 2013
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Hi, I know I haven't been on here in ages but I wanted to ask if anyone knew an answer to my question...

Pip has a tiny cut on his nose again, he has them every so often that I notice? I'm just a bit worried about it, though it might be nothing...
There isn't anything that could possibly have something sharp in his enclosure is there? It could be something as simple as him catching his nose on a splinter of wood or metal that may not be seen easily? Hope he's ok x
Lily has had a little cut on the nose and cleared in a few days.
Please check he isn't in any discomfort when you touch it, maybe put some damp cotton wool on it to clean.
Keep an eye on it, but it is likely the hay could've caught him.
Thanks and the only possible thing that could do it would be hay. Probably just a clumsy piggie with a tendency for being overexcited when hay appears!
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