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Please Help, I Think Diesel Is Squeaking In Pain.

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Teenage Guinea Pig
May 18, 2014
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Caithness, Highland
Hi, my boy Diesel has a dental op on Tuesday under GA. He is on loxicom but he has started making a squeaking sound today when I put him back in his cage, I haven't heard him make this noise before. We are having to syringe feed him and he will only eat lettuce or a tiny bit of hay when he is sitting on my lap.

I also notice that his grease gland looks a bit yucky, with bits of grease stuck to it and that was annoying him too, but I don't want to wash him when he isn't well. I am worried that he is in pain and suffering, could I up his loxicon dose, its the one for dogs 1.5mg and he was to get an amount for a 2 kg dog once a day, I have split the dose into two. Unfortunately the syringe does not have mls on it. Can anyone help? I would be eternally grateful.
Hey Jenny, Is he doing anything when squeaking?

What dose is he on at moment? How much do you give him from the small syringe?
Hi Lee, I can't tell what he's doing as he is in the hidey and I can't see, the only thing in there with him is shredded paper which he loves as a bed. He doesn't do it constantly, but at bedtime he gave these sharp squeaks.

The syringe is not in mls and we give him up to the second line, which is for a 1 kg dog and he gets this twice a day. It is really confusing not having the standard measurement on the syringe as well.
I am really not sure about the Metacam/Loxicom syringe, I tend to bin ours as soon as we open the box, hopefully someone will know though. If Diesel still seems in pain can you call the vet this morning about increasing the dose?
Hi Jenny, I'm so sorry that Diesel is in pain now :( you are having such a rough time with him..... can you ring your vet to ask about increasing the metacam/loxicam dose?
Hi folks, I admit I'm reluctant to phone the vet as I really had to push him to prescribe the loxicom in the first place. I found out that each kg on the stupid syringe is equivalent to 0.1 mls on a normal one so this means Deezy is on 0.2 mls per day.

I think the squeaking is connected to him pooping, as I heard him squeak after he had done one.

He ate 2 pieces of pepper this morning and some baby leaves as well as 10 ml of recovery food, but he has lost interest in hay and will only eat while sitting on my knee.
Oh no. I'm so sorry. Is he drinking water?
I currently have a guinea pig who is only eating when sitting on my knee. She does not need syringe feeding as she will take it from my hand but its very worrying so I know what you are going through. She is grieving after loosing her sister last week - I don't think she is poorly at all, I think she is lonely and grieving :(

But I can imagine how worried you are.
0.2 once a day? that does seem low, how much does he weigh though? Is it the dog one?

I think a vet visit is in order though as if you think it is related to him pooing it is a different issue.
0.2 once a day? that does seem low, how much does he weigh though? Is it the dog one?

I think a vet visit is in order though as if you think it is related to him pooing it is a different issue.
Hi Helen he weighs just over a kg and it is the dog one he is on. He is not squeaking every time he poops though it is strange. I get the feeling that the vet will say PTS.
Is it possible for you to go to a different vets?
Hi Abi, unfortunately the nearest vet is an hour and a half by car, they are not guinea savvy and we don't drive. The nearest exotic vet is four and half hours away. I wish it was different.
We decant ours into a 1ml syringe by drawing some up with the Metacam dog syringe then putting the 1ml syringe into the end of that to draw up.

sent you a pm x
Hopefully Lee has been able to help Jenny but let me know if you need anything else.
Awww, I have no real advice but wanted to offer some support. It is awful when they are sick. :(
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