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Please Help Me Decide What To Do!

Indoors, outdoors or indoors and outdoors?

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Maisy and Poppy

Adult Guinea Pig
Dec 8, 2014
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Surrey, UK
I have 2 choices so I need help and fast! :ple:
1. I can keep piggys inside in a 120cm long cage no bigger as I only have that space :(
If I kept them inside should I have a ferplast 120 or a 2 x 3 C and C? Is it possible to have a 2 x 3, 2 level cage? Links very welcome :lol!:

2. Outside in a shed, in a c and c cage as big as 360x 300!

3. Inside in winter , outside in massive c and c in summer.

Sorry if I am not on the forum for a few weeks as I will be moving house, without kitchen so will survive on takeaways for a few weeks and my piggys will hopefully be staying at @Polly and Rosie's house.:lol!: Going to be a frantic few weeks!
Assume you are talking about 2 piggies not more? I think you've got a few choices which would be ok so don't beat yourself up if not everyone agrees with what you go with.

If it were me (and it is just 2 piggies) I woudl have a 2x3 candc cage with a 1x2 loft inside for winter and a bigger hutch outside in the summer or a bigger c and c in a shed in summer. But if your shed has windows and is warm enough why not go for huge c and c in there all year round?
Firstly - good luck with your move . It's very stressful moving house. I think you should move in and settle down before making any firm plans - because a lot depends on your indoor facilities and how secure your garden is.

Personally, my least favourite choice is a hutch outdoors. My guinea pigs are in an insulated shed and this has worked well over the winter - but the shed needs to be insulated and heated. I am a bit concerned that my shed will get too hot in the summer. If we have another heatwave this summer , I have an outdoor hutch that I can put them in but I feel much more at ease when they are not outdoors.

ps - my guinea pigs have plenty of grass time in the summer - but only when someone is around to keep an eye on them.
I really can't add much to answer your question.
But it is always good to ask as many questions as you like, so carry on!

IF you can offer floor time daily, then I think I'd go with 2x3 indoors all the time. The pigs will get more attention that way.

If you can't offer floor time daily, then I would personally choose indoors winter, outdoors summer.
We might be able to provide daily floor time but I would add a playpen or another grid to make a 2 x 4.:sly:
I think I will keep them indoors and out and then see like keep them outdoors or indoors in a bigger cage ...
I housed piggies outdoors for over 5 years before we brought our own house and finally had the space for them living indoors. I have had a well insulated huge outdoor hutch, a free range shed and now a ferplast rabbit 120 double.

I love having them indoors but I also kind of miss the benefits of them being outdoors.

When they lived free range in a shed, they had a huge area that they could run around in 24 hours a day and the shed was like their own little house. I would often just go and sit on the floor of the shed with them running around me.

When we made the decision to bring them indoors, they were originally going to live outdoors in a 5ft hutch during the summer and indoors the rest of the year in their ferplast but my OH didn't like the way the hutch dominated the garden so I was thrilled when he said they could stay indoors all year round.

I do however miss the space that they use to have as I can't provide them with a bigger home indoors.

For this reason and if I was you, I would have them indoors in winter and outdoors (in a shed) in the summer provided that your garden and shed is safe and secure.
ive always had piggies outdoors but this time when i evetually get some in future i like to try them in or in in winter out in summer maybe x
Mine are inside all the time but they have their own room so twenty one square feet for five.Feel safer with them indoors and they get more attention.Means I don't have to go outside in bad weather
If you could insulate the shed outdoors properly and provide the right heating etc, then the space outside in the shed would be better than cramped indoors, if you get what I mean?
If you could insulate the shed outdoors properly and provide the right heating etc, then the space outside in the shed would be better than cramped indoors, if you get what I mean?
Yeah. The shed is insulated but heating and a big c and c all adds up and I hate going outdoors. I think they will go out in summer and indoors in winter but not certain. House move has gone as well as can and just about to pop round to @Polly and Rosie's house as they have been looking after my piggies and I am collecting them tomorrow.
I would say that would be fine for two guinea pigs but if you get it, just make you fully disinfect it well. F10 is excellent.

In terms of persuading your parents, it is the minimum recommended space for a pair of sows and the price is excellent. You would pay a lot more in a shop.

Having it on the stand is also good as you could store your piggies things underneath so out of the way.

I wouldn't pay too much for it though as you can buy brand new 120 cages on zoo plus and little pet warehouse for around £40 - £50 although that doesn't include a stand.
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Tip's for persuading, hmmm... Your piggies will be happier in a more spacious cage, it's easy to clean out and keep the smell of them down if they are indoors. They will be less prone to illnesses indoors and you won't have to fork out for the cost of making sure they are perfectly warm in winter outdoors.
Thank you both. How much do you think I should pay max for the cage? Parents are fairly keen especially as I said that at the moment you save £95!
Can't help with that one, no good at valuing things. Personally i'd pay no more than £40 for it, but I may be tight lol!
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