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Please Help Me! What Is This By Meatball's Mouth?

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Jan 16, 2015
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New York
Meatball Sandwich is only 6 months old. My daughter holds him just about everyday, but with so much homework this week she held him last on Tues night. so this def wasn't there then. I noticed this last night when I was feeding him. He is eating and acting fine, but what could this be? I have to find a vet in my area that takes care of them, I know I had a problem finding one that would look at my hamster a few years back. :(

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Hi and welcome!

it is difficult to say from your picture whether it is a scab or something that is stuck in his mouth. It would be good if you had it checked by a vet. Is Meatball Sandwich an only boar or does he have a companion?

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Hi thank you , I updated it. I am from New York, Yes Meatball is our only Guinea pig. I usually have hamsters so he is the first one I have had. It seems to be right under his lower lip.
It could be from scratching himself and at the worst may turn out to be the beginning of ringworm, which should grow into a scabby bald patch around the scratch in the next few days. I would recommend that your daughter is not handling him until you know for sure what it is.

Thanks for adding your location. Sadly it is not easy to find a good vet NYC - and even less a piggy savvy one, but a general vet should be able to deal with this one. Is it irritating or impinging on Meatball's eating?

Oh god I hope it's not ringworm. He doesn't seem to be in pain when I was trying to take a closer look at it last night. He is eating and acting the same.. took his celery and carrots quick enough last night and ate them! It is hard like a scab almost
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It may just be an accidental scratch. Just keep an eye on it and see wether there are any changes, but as it is not going inside the mouth and is not obstructing anything, I would recommend that all you do for the moment is to find a vet within your reach that is treating animals, so you know where to take him if necessary.
Thank you , I found one, not close though, I will keep looking , just in case. thank you again!
Another possibility is that it could be stuck on dried food.......or boar glue!
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