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Please Help My Guinea Pig Is Very Unwell

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Nov 8, 2014
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bishops stortford

I have got home from work to find my guinea pig Winnie 8 months old sitting fluffed up staring into the corner and is squealing when her stomach is touched. i have rushed her to the vets who have given her painkiller injections and something to move the digestive system but they have sent me home with her as they do not have enough staff to keep an eye on her. She is very weak and hardly moving i have wrapped her in a towel and sat her on the sofa but she is looking very worse for wear

the vet said to go back later if she does not improve but can someone please help if you have any advice I dont know what I would do without her :(
I am very sorry for your problems. Is the belly hard and distended (bloat)? Did the vets check whether it was bloat, or blockage or something else? They all need different support.

Please try to hand feed your girl and also give her water to keep the guts going, just little but often. Keep her warm (but not hot) and comfy.
They said they couldnt feel a blockage but it might be bloat although all she said was if she isn't better soon come back but she hasn't improved within the last hour I have hand fed her warm water so far but she is just lying in the towel hardly moving except for shivering every now and then
So sorry to hear your baby isn't feeling well. Did you take her to a GP vet? Will she eat anything from you?
We took her to our local vet there isnt a GP vet near us although they have been very good in the past. She won't eat anything offered to her and is reluctant to swallow the warm water I have fed
So sorry to hear :( do you have any syringes to maybe mash up some pellets with water and try feed her that way - or do it to syringe water into her mouth? @Pebble will give good advice!
I have been syringe feeding warm water but I'm not sure whether to use the liquid food yet as she hardly swallows the water at the moment :(
I'm afraid she started to fit and the seizures would not stop. The vets stabilised her but she then passed away. I am so upset but thank you to the people who commented
I'm afraid she started to fit and the seizures would not stop. The vets stabilised her but she then passed away. I am so upset but thank you to the people who commented


I am very sorry that your poorly girl has passed away. Guinea pigs can go downhill very quickly and it can leave you shaken to the core, especially a caring owner like you!

I don't think that it was bloat, either, but it sounds like her body was already closing down; fitting is very much a sign of the very last stages. Some people call it "running over the Rainbow Bridge". It is much more disconcerting for the observer than for the piggy itself, as it is usually pretty much out of it by then.

There is not much more that you or your vet could have done under the circumstances but to keep her as comfy as possible - which you have done! :(
I'm so sorry for your loss. I lost my piggy today too so i know how you are feeling its heartbreaking. I am sure you gave her a wonderful life. Take care
I'm so sorry to hear you have lost Winnie. You did everything you could . RIP Winnie.
Thank you so much everyone. Joanie I'm so sorry to hear about your loss too, its utterly heartbreaking and devastating. The vet suspects it could have been a toxin from somewhere but as she is an indoor piggie I have no idea where it could be from. Her sister is going to need lots of cuddles too so I am glad I have her so we can both comfort each other and then think about getting her another companion, although hard.

As Winnie was only 8 months old but a VERY tiny piggie she may have found it harder than most to cope with being poorly... The vet said we could have taken her for X-rays but we agreed it would be unfair to Winnie. She brought her out to me to see and she could not stop fitting, I held her head and I felt her pulse stop, the vet then gave her an injection to make sure she was gone. So sad as she has been my best friend since moving out of my parents and struggling with anxiety, she was a really special girl. Love to everyone's piggies

I am ever so sorry; take good care of her companion! You are most welcome to post a tribute in our Rainbow Bridge section any time that feels right for you.

Here are our tips for how to best care for bereaved guinea pigs: https://www.theguineapigforum.co.uk/threads/looking-after-a-bereaved-piggy.110463/
There is a rescue by Chelmsford which would be closest to you: http://www.blackberrypatch.co.uk/
You can find more rescues via our rescue locator: https://www.theguineapigforum.co.uk/pages/guinea-pig-rescue-locator/

I am very sorry about your loss, @joanie!
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