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Please Start Your Own Thread with the Problem in the Title and Keep an Ongoing Case to One Thread

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We kindly ask our members to please start your own thread for any problem with your guinea pigs and to state the general nature of the health problem/main symptoms of your guinea pig in the title.
Here is a guide on to how to start a thread if you are new to the forum: https://www.theguineapigforum.co.uk/threads/how-to-start-a-thread.117352/

We have a dedicated team of experienced members specifically monitoring this section, so every post will be answered as soon as possible, including in ongoing threads!

By stating your issue in the title, you are going to attract the people most experienced with your particular problem straight away and have a much better chance of getting relevant answers more quickly than if you add yourself to the pile of non-specific threads that tend to get dealt with last.

We would also be grateful if you didn't hijack existing threads and kept an ongoing problem - including new complications and developments - to the same thread, so we have got all the necessary information together. This is important, so we can avoid duplication of advice and can also refer back to tailor any advice to your specific situation for most efficient support!

Please be aware that it is not possible for anybody to deliver a safe diagnosis online, just from a picture or a vague description without a proper examination and scans/lab tests where appropriate. We simply cannot replace a necessary vet visit! Health and Illness - Important Information

We can however help you with finding a good vet if at all possible and with showing up potential avenues to discuss with your treating vet. We can also support you until your guinea pig can be seen by a vet and in caring for your guinea pig during its illness as best as possible while it is receiving medical treatment.
Guides on those aspects you can also find at the top of our subsection: Caring for an ill Guinea Pig

If you are in doubt as to whether you need to see a vet or not, you are always welcome to ask, but please book an appointment for any guinea pig as an emergency before posting on the forum if:
- it is off its food/water or not eating as usual and has lost a lot of weight (over 100g/3 oz or more) in a short time,
- is lethargic/apathetic or very hunched up,
- fitting, falling over or has got a noticeable head tilt,
- has very raspy/heavy breathing that is not clearing with a sneeze or cough and/or yellow/green gunky eyes or nostrils,
- watery and very smelly diarrhea,
- is ballooning up with a tight, hard belly (acute bloat)
- is developing a sudden, very fast growing large lump,
- has a bloody, receding or bulging eye from a hay poke or serious infection,
- if any heavy bleeding has not stopped within 5 minutes,
- if it is not quite right after a bad fall or another injury.
Should my piggie see a vet? - a quick guide
How to contact a vet out of hours

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