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Poo Problems And Breathing?

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Junior Guinea Pig
Jan 12, 2015
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Hi, so I have noticed some things about one of my piggies and I do not know whether or not it is normal.

So i've noticed that when Stuey poo's he kind of sits down and arches his back - it seems like a kind of normal thing someone would do if they were pooing (you know, straining a little bit :P) , but i have never noticed it before. I listened to see if he was making any noises while pooing and couldn't hear anything. Ive also recently been noticing that some of the poo in the cage is oddly shapen and some is sort of clumped together and seems quite soft.
One more thing; Stuey is making this little noise when he is sleeping. I heard it last night while I was petting him on my lap in one of the cuddle sacks, and I wondered whether it was a sound of contentment (or perhaps a go away?), but right now I am sitting by his hutch while he sleeps in his pigloo. He seems pretty content - he is lying with his head flat on the side like he always does, but he keeps making this sound, and it gets faster and louder and then stops before starting again. It sounds sort of like a cute little cooing or some type of snoring, but now I am thinking it might be wheezing and indicating laboured breathing? Basically, do Guinea pigs snore? because it's either that or something could be wrong.

He seems fine otherwise, he was eating and drinking and even popcorning this morning...but I have only just got home and am yet to see him eat/drink this afternoon. He might also be itching more than usual, but if I am honest, that could just be me being hypochondriac about my piggies.
Hi @louwhiskyy, how is he now? Could you add your location to your profile for us? I'm guessing from your post that you may not be located in the uk where it is currently early morning still so it may take a while for our health and illness contributors to get back to you. In the meantime I would suggest a vet visit to determine whether he has an illness which needs appropriate treatment. What is he eating, is he getting a lot of hay? Any veggies recently?
Apologies I'm on an old forum layout on a mobile device and it isn't showing up locations! I see you're in Australia
Hi Piggly, yes I am in Australia. I was getting very worried about him earlier, but right now he seems fine. Ive hidden treats round his cage and he is busy exploring with his brother. right now. He seems to be eating just like normal (He is a guzzler:P) so I am not really sure whether anything is wrong.

It looks like Stuey has a bit of a mild digestive issue. I would recommend to take him off any fresh veg. If the poos have not firmed up and the straining has not stopped after 24 hours, please see a vet.

Guinea pigs with narrowed airways (either naturally or blocked with some mucus) can snore. if you are in doubt, again, have him checked by a vet, especially if it becomes more pronounced. It is likely to be just a partially blocked nose.
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