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Possible foster home for my boys?

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Sep 30, 2010
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Chiswick Village, West London
Hi guys
I hope this is in the right section and allowed if not please move accordingly

Iv been unemployed since May. My partner works away 4 days a week in London. So iv een looking for work in the North East where I am and also London.
Theres a chance I may have an interview in the next week working for the same company as my partner.
Hes in a flat share and id have to move in with him until we could find somewhere of our own and for him to find someone to take over his part of the flat share.
We have to get written agreement for pets but the place isnt that big. We are hoping t take the cat with us and the mice and hamster will hopefully go to my mams or family ut no-one has space for the guinea pigs.

I have thought of a few options. 1. Rehome them 2.See if I can find someone who would foster/look after them until we find a place of our own.
Finding a place could take 2-3 roughly.
Either way, if I have an interview things will need to happen very quickly.

Anyone any ideas?

Many Thanks
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