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Possible Over Grooming?

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Jul 6, 2014
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Hi everyone!

I have two rescue wiggies, Tifa (female) and Edgar (male, neutered). They live happily together in a large hutch outside and are well bonded.

Edgar has had bald patches on his back and back end on and off over the year and a bit I've had him and when I picked him up from the RSPCA he had just finished a course of treatment for mites. He's been to the vets 3 times this year for recurring baldness which again has been treated as mites. He's also had further tests for other nasties but thankfully they've all been clear.

Today I've noticed the area around his back end has almost no fur at all! I am starting to suspect that Tifa may be over grooming him as its an area he can't reach and he has no other bald patches. He's not scratching and is eating, drinking and behaving as normal.

Is this something that anyone else has experienced? Thanks!
Barbering tends to leave piggies with short hair rather than none at all.. Are the bald patcheds raised or red? Any flakey skin? I would advise a vet check up @helen105281 any ideas?
I agree that a vet visit is needed. It could be fungal or even a further case of mange mites. I once thought my pig was being barbered but she actually had a fungal condition called broken back.
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