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Post eye removal/dental problems please please help!


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Mar 4, 2021
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Hi everyone, wish I’d found this forum sooner!

I have two brother guinea pigs, 2 and a half years old.

We had to have Bens eye removed on 13th Feb, the vet suspected the other guinea pig had injured it. He pulled through the surgery no problem, he wasn’t eating brilliantly but he was eating. I kept him topped up with emeraid syringe feed. He was on vetergesic, metacam and baytril. About three days post op he developed pus from the socket. We carried on with the meds and cleaned it regularly. By day 9 post op he completely stopped eating. He really wanted to eat and kept showing interest in food and trying, but not picking any food up.

I took him back to the vets and saw someone else. She prescribed trimethoprim, removed stitches to let the socket drain and said his submandibular lymph nodes were massively enlarged. She said if no improvement I’d need to think about pts in five days. I wanted to give him a little longer.

I took him back 14 days post op and saw the original vet. He said it’s the teeth now causing problems and they were ingrown into the tongue. Poor ben had another ga which amazingly he pulled through. We also stopped the baytril and trimethoprim. He was put on three days of gut stimulant and I have been syringe feeding both emeraid and oxbow critical care every two hourly and offering water ever since. He is also on fibreplex. This is day 19 post eye removal and day 5 post dental.

He is still trying to eat, for the first time tonight he went to bite the carrot but stopped. He looks a tiny bit brighter every day. There is the tiniest tiniest (almost non noticeable) serous ooze from the socket but it’s healed perfect otherwise with no bulging.

Why won’t he eat? Am I prolonging the inevitable by keeping him going? How long do I carry on for? I couldn’t possibly put him through another ga. He has cost me a fortune so far but I don’t care, I’m just hoping I’m not making him suffer for nothing.

He is pooing again, the poo is very pale and dry looking, he is desperately trying to eat his brothers normal poos but just can’t bite/pick up. And he’s so desperate, he is chasing his brother round the cage sniffing at his bum for the poo!

Any advice would be really appreciated!


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Jul 31, 2017
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I’m sorry your boy has been hit by a double whammy. Is he on any painkiller? How is his weight?

Another thing you could do is to give him poo soup. It has to be freshly dropped poops. Soak them in water and syringe feed the water. All this has to be done within 5 minutes.

Would you be able to get him to cat &rabbits in Northampton? I know it’s a trek but they have extensive experience in treating dental piggies. The dentals are done conscious and piggies are eating a short while after. Just something to consider. It’s unfortunate that not many are experienced in treating dental issues in piggies.

I’ll tag @furryfriends (TEAS) who’s experienced in looking after dental piggies.