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Post Mortem X2

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Dec 24, 2014
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London, UK
I have read and understood the legal notice. I am just looking for inputs from anyone who have experience with these symptoms for ideas.

I lost 2 guinea pigs in 8 days. When I took them to the PDSA vets they just said mites and I needed to bath them more often. Bath them more often I did but they had other symptoms. Any input is welcome as to whether they are extended damage or mite infliction or something else. Or you can point me to rethink for other symptoms.

Ginny was overweight from sometime before but since I got my piggies correx floor to run around in she became quite lean. And then she lost some fur at the back and vet said it was mites. At this time Piggysus was not showing any signs of illness. Had the mites treated and she regained her fur. But later she started losing more fur and more weight. To the point the upper back (not all the spine, from hind legs and backwards) were bald and bony - you could see the bony bumps. By this point when I came back home with grass all the piggies run out for it, which was what Ginny would also normally have done but she did not. However, if I carried her out for grass (something she got quite used to) she would eat as much as she could, so I thought at least that part was fine. Later she lost so much weight her tailbone was sticking out almost an inch - if that gives you some idea how much of her bottom was missing, her pee-pee area was sticking out as well. As this point she was sometimes eating newpaper and her own pellets non-stop. And in the end she was having much more frequent diarrhea. Ginny had red eyes and a spot of white hair which mildly suggests the possibiity of the lethal gene.

Piggysus had a similar weight loss to a bony and almost bald upper back, and his pee-pee area was sticking out - although that had for sometime and not anywhere near a portuding tailbone. He was very continuously affected by mites and scratched himself silly making me and the vets think it was to do with the outside like the mites. He was even quite coorperative in baths and tiptoed to get his underside washed - and none of my guinea pigs had liked being turned over. In his last 2 or 3 days he suddenly started having very frequent diarrhea as well and that's what suddenly suggested to me they had some same internal problems. Recently he favored sweetcorns over everything else. Sometimes it was the only thing he wanted to eat in 12 hours. I bathed him every other day like the vet said and sometimes he looked better sometimes worst and then an hour ago he's cold - so he may have died a bit before that.

I still have 2 surviving guinea pigs who are, in fact, Piggysus's sisters. Ginny is not related. Dotty is perfectly healthy (except maybe getting a little too chubby), no mites, no nothing, but Beanie is showing a lot of mite damage as well.

At least we know I should not get any more guinea pigs.
I am very sorry for your losses. You must be so gutted!

What products have your piggies been treated with and which country are you in? Did the mites treatment include a high dosed ivermectin product? Have your Guinea pigs also been checked for fungal issues? Have any potential pain problems been addressed? Would it be possible for you to see another vet for a second opinion, as whatever treatment your piggies have had is clearly not working?

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may[/URL] want[/URL] to start Hand feeding any affected Guinea pigs. Here is our guide: https://www.theguineapigforum.co.uk/threads/complete-hand-feeding-guide.115359/
weigh your Guinea pigs daily or at least weekly at the same time to Monitor the Food intake.
I have hand feeded them partially as both piggies I lost were keen to climb onto my lap for sweetcorns and melons respectively. But I will read those guides and think about your questions.
Since then 1 small consolation has been Beanie stopped screaming (wheeking) from her itching,which seems vastly reduced, strongly suggesting all her problems were continuously supplied by Piggysus's presence until his demise. But I wouldn't say for sure now.
Sorry for your loss.

Trying to condense down the information you have given me i have a few things i can only suggest but i cant say for sure as i dont know your full piggies medical history.

- did you treat them with a spot on for the mites? Usually to fully get rid of them then you may well need to do 3 treatments 12 days apart
- has your vet checked for fungal infection? is there still hairloss in the others? I didnt catch if they do or dont have hairloss
- weightloss coupled with eating well suggested one of any number of things including (but not just these)- cancer, hyperthyroidism (over active thyroid gland), parasite infestation internally, renal (kidney) disease/failure, toxin (poison/toxic plants) ingestion is a possibilty if they had diarrhoea?

Without further examination then i wouldnt be able to help further. I would suggest taking your remaining two for a vet check and treating them throughaly for mites, fungal if need be and parasites (worming them)

Hope this helps

I'm so sorry this has happened. If it was mange mites, they burrow under the skin, so that shampooing and spot on treatment would not be effective. Ivermectin by injection would be the best treatment. Is your vet guinea savvy? If not it would be worth getting the remaining piggies checked over by a recommended vet from our list.
I'm sorry for your loss, that sounds terrible to go through! I don't have a lot of experience with mites, but hopefully someone else will be able to help out. Did they have any injected mite medication? Sometimes topicals are not sufficient for mites that can burrow, which could explain why repeated baths failed to help the problem.

I also wanted to chime in that having red eyes has nothing to do with carrying the lethal gene or not. Red or pink eyes are a normal variation of guinea pig eye color (the equivalent of blue eyes in people.) Guinea pigs can carry the lethal gene without having red eyes (it's tied to roan/dalmation coat patterns far more so than eye color) and being a carrier of the lethal gene doesn't affect the pig carrying it in the slightest- it just means that if they reproduce with another pig carrying the gene, they run the risk of having babies that are genetically affected. So having red eyes or potentially carrying that gene would not have any impact on this situation... this sounds medical and not genetic.
There has been no injections. I will read moreabout these terms to avoid unnecessary questions.
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