Preparing veg

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When do you do the veg, do you wash and chop it as they need it or do you wash and chop it all and store it in a huge container? I usually do it as I need it but it takes ages and the piggies go mad when I take too long, I may chop it all up and store it in the fridge so I can just grab a handful.
I ususally wash it just before I give it to them. I think its the best thing to do. However I have started to chop up the celery e.t.c into pieces and storing it in the fridge so before I give it to them all I need to do is wash it. Its nice hearing your piggies squeaking for their food. It teaches them to be patient! lol
I might chop up the celery then but leave the other stuff, their squeaking always makes me rush LOL
Suppose things like tomatoes you can't really cut up before. The piggies know when they are going to get dried food and hay as they squeak really loudly and also they know what the fridge door means and the running water to wash their food! :)
I got a carrier bag for rubbish earlier and they all started wheeking LOL
lol it shows there not stupid, they know whats going on... whiskers now squeaks if we start going down the stair to leave her... it makes me feel bad and guilty which means she gets more food to make up for it... damn the manipulative little monkey, but shes cute though
mine are so polite. they wait until I hang up the phone or turn off the computer, then start squeaking.they squeak at any rustling etc, always hopeful!
I don't chop it up and leave it in the fridge so it's already ready when I need it.

What I do is - I feed my piggies twice a day, in the morning and in the evening. They know when it's feeding time and they start squeaking while I prepare it. I enjoy hearing them squeak, it's very cute and funny, since they all start to popcorn. I then cut up the freshly stored veggies from the 'Piggy Veggie Drawer' in the fridge and I use a salad spinner and water. I rinse and wash them well, throw them in the spinner to dry them a little and then feed them to the pigs. They enjoy getting nice, fresh and clean veggies.


i chop up a whole load of it it seems to keep its freshness..

saves me chopping up in the morning when i have other chores to do before work

i spoon it out with a teaspoon too so that they dont get overfed on veggies as they get them twice a day! hehe
Laura washes and chops as we need it. They get fed twice daily. Laura has also found that foods chopped a few days before it is needed lose nutritional value. :-\
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