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Preventative Mite Treatment?

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Nov 23, 2014
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Bristol, UK
Hi all happy new year to you!
We have 11 week old guinea pigs which we have had for five weeks now. The lady we had them from gives her pigs monthly mite treatment and recommended we do the same, however our vet said that there wasn't really any need and we should just treat if they got them - so who is right? I want to do what is best for my little pigs!
There does tend to be mixed opinion on it. I give mine preventative mite treatment every 3 months though but it is given orally whereas I suspect most people would use Spot on treatments like Xeno.

Happy New Year.
There isn't a right or wrong. It's all a matter of opinion. I don't myself, but having so many piggies it's not financially feesable.

If you have them on good quality hay and a good clean environment then I personally see no need to but if it puts your mind at ease you can treat if you wish.

Hope this helps.

I do the same as Abi_nurse, and I agree with what she says. If they live in a clean, mite-free environment, they shouldn't need regular de-mite treatments. Prevention is better than cure.
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