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Specialist Reaction To Xenex In Past, Will Xeno 450 Be Ok?

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Adult Guinea Pig
Jul 22, 2011
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Aberdeenshire, Scotland
Hey guys,

As the title says, one of my girls had a bad reaction to xenex spot on in the past and I need to treat her for ear mites so have been given xeno 450 by the vet. Will she be ok with this?

Have you informed your vets about the previous bad reaction?

Xenex contains permethrin - (as do some other over the counter anti-insecticidal products such a cage sprays etc). This chemical is harmful to cats and some guinea pigs can also have a bad reaction to it.

Xeno450 contains ivermectin as the active ingredient - this is safe for most animals although certain breeds of dog have a genetic hypersenstivity to it and it should not be used in chelonians (tortoises etc). This is product most widely selected by vets (and bought over the counter by slaves) for dealing with guinea pig mites.

Both products can cause side effects if overdosed so care is needed to ensure not too much is applied.

The active ingredients in both treatments are dissolved in a carrier solution - and I cannot find any details from the maufacturer of what this solution consists of but it's possible that one of the inactive ingredients could also cause irritation in animals with sensitive or hypersensitive skin

As with hoomans any animal can have a hypersenstive reaction to a certain chemical/drug - without knowing what the bad reaction was before that your piggie hsd etc I dont think we can provide you with any further information. If you have any concerns then you should talk to your vet.
My vet wasn't there when I went to collect the xeno today and I forgot about Daisy having a bad reaction to the Xenex til I got home :( I have done some research and found that many animals have a reaction to Xenex and that the ingredient in Xeno is different so I carefully applied 10 drops to each pig. That was around an hour and a half or so ago and they both appear to be ok with it.
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