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Maisy and Poppy

Adult Guinea Pig
Dec 8, 2014
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Surrey, UK
Has anyone used readigrass in their piggies hay racks? I was going to use it instead of Burgess Excel timothy hay because it is so expensive! Also it sounded good because it had grass in it and it is supposed to be an alternative to grass in winter! My piggies have not had grass since September!:)The weather has just been too bad: wet, cold and windy!
I love the hay experts website. I will definitely be ordering some piggies products from them!
I recommend the Oxbow Orchard grass and Burns Green Oat hay but it can add up price wise. However, if you currently feed high amounts of veg it will even out if you drop the size of the veg portions slightly. They also only need a small amount of pellets a day. Hay is the most important part of their diet.
I also use meadow hay from a local supplier which is on the bottom of their hay kitchen and the fancier stuff goes on top of that or in their dangly hay bags. I know some people on here swear by Hay For Pets too and you can also get good Timothy hay from www.timothyhay.co.uk
Thanks, the website links are very useful! The hay sounds much better than the pets@home own brand which isn't very good!
I am interested to know as to why Readigrass should only be offered in moderation?! I feed Readigrass, as well as good quality hay, on a daily basis - And I know of several other individuals who offer Readigrass frequently to their guinea pigs?!
if you do offer readigrass, then don't offer too much too often. it's very rich. both my rabbits, bisc and matt, and my first two piggies, ches and maisie, all couldn't tolerate it. i never bothered trying any of the others with it again after that. i think it's high in calcium aswell.

eta: i recommend hay for pets :)
Thanks, I will feed it in small portions maybe a handful a day: half in the morning half in the evening? I will mix it with hay from The Hay Experts or Hay For Pets!
should be fine in small amounts mixed in. i just had mine react so wary of it now. although plenty can tolerate small amounts of it. :)
My understanding is that the calcium: phosphorus ratio in Readigrass is 2:1 - I understand that an overall calcium: phosphorus ratio of between 1.5:1-2:1 is quite acceptable?!

I offer a handful-ish of Readigrass a day (Per guinea pig). . . However, as mentioned above, Readigrass is offered with a good quality hay, which, at this moment in time, is 'Oxbow Western Timothy Hay' (From 'The Hay Experts') - I would not feed Readigrass exclusively!

I can appreciate that Readigrass would be more of a concern for a guinea pig with urinary issues!
Readigrass is notorious for aggravating existing bladder issues. A friend runs a piggy welfare clinic at a vets and a common trigger for all of the pigs she sees that are in pain when peeing is dried grasses like Readigrass. I therefore avoid it.
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