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reassurance needed

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Adult Guinea Pig
Mar 23, 2011
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i'm trying to decide if i should be worried about my boys. they seem to behaving normally (eating, drinking, pooing normally), but i noticed that roger has been coughing occasionally (twice yesterday, once today), and he's never done that before. i think it's a cough, but I'm not sure. he was on my lap and was chirping away then that loud "click" noise came again and his whole body jerked. then i noticed he sneezed. there was some day old hay on their bedding (i use towels), so i cleaned it all up, and I'm hoping it was the hay that was making him sneeze...i havent heard it again, but ill keep an eye out.

piglet, on the other hand, seems ok. i havent heard him make any funny noises or anything. but i was petting him, and i think he was drooling a little bit. after doing research, guinealynx said drooling could indicate tooth problems. he hasn't been eating any differently, and he was just at the vet last week and the vet looked in his mouth and didn't comment on any problems, so i guess all was good then. i have a tendency to be a piggy hypochondriac, so id love some opinions. behavior wise, they both seem ok, apart from the above mentioned.

sorry this is so long, i'm just a little concerned about my loves. any comments and opinions would be appreciated. thanks.
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