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Recovery From Neutering

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Jul 31, 2012
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Hey guys,

I feel I need a bit of support from like minded people on here atm. My Rufus went in for his castration this morning and I have just got a call saying he hasn't pooed yet so they're going to keep in in overnight :(

I was just wondering how common this was and do I need to be as worried as I am right now? The vet did say that he did take a syringe feed but otherwise seems a bit uninterested in food. Any advice would be appreciated!
Sounds like they have only just operated on your Rufus. My vet usually does ops in the afternoon. I am sure Rufus will be all right. Male castration is a relatively minor, uninvasive procedure. Give him more time to recover from the anaesthetic.

It depends on how early or late they have operated, but also how well he is reacting to the GA. It is good that they are keeping him in and are hand feeding until he is fit to come home. How soon he is pooing also depends on how much he's had to eat during the day.

You may have to brace yourself that he may have a slower recovery and may need hand feeding for several days. Make sure that you have as much at home or can get it from the vets as possible as your care can be vital in bringing him round well. When you bring him home, make sure to enquire about painkillers and a gut stimulant.
Thank you guys! I'm a worrier.

I've got everything ready for when he comes home, and my oh and I are poised to syringe feed for a few days to ensure he eats enough! The vet already mentioned sending him home with some Metacam but I will ask about the gut stimulant :)
Update: he is home now but he is not eating and is very subdued, this is now over 24 hours after surgery. He has been given zantac, emeprid, baytril and metacam but I'm concerned beacuse he should probably be eating by now right?

He did take a couple of leaves of spinach from my hand though. Again, I'm a worrier!
Please keep hand feeding him little but often, best round the clock if that is possible in order to keep the guts going. Ideally he should eat, but hopefully you can get him through the crisis and out on the other end! Sometimes, it can take longer. You good care can make a real difference. Baytril is a bit of an appetite killer, so that won't help. Make sure that you give him a pinch of probiotic about an hour afterwards.

Worry is my middle name :D ! One of my boys was very subdued after his neuter op too, this lasted a couple of days and the only thing he would eat that didn't seem like I was force feeding him was dandelion leaves. ((HUGS))
Hope he's doing ok now.

My Alfie inhaled something under GA whilest having his neutering done. He came home the same day but had to go back as he was struggling to breathe. We were at the vets everyday or two for a week! But he's fine now!

It is a worry though!
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