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Rescued Piggie, Need Some Advice

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Mar 22, 2015
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Hi there, I'm new here! I run a reptile and small animal rescue and I recently took in a pig with a rough past. Today I just noticed that he refuses to use one of his front legs. It's the first time I've noticed it because it was very subtle. I can feel something not right with the wrist joint but he doesn't show any pain or discomfort when the limb is touched or manipulated. Is there any way of knowing if the injury is old or recent before seeking the vet on Monday?
Guinea pigs are so good at hiding signs of pain, it's no wonder you couldn't tell. Is there any way you could get him to the vet sooner? He could be in a lot more pain than he is letting on, and might need some pain relief. If not, I would confine him to a small "hospital cage." Give him all of the essentials, and a very soft bedding so he can be as still as possible to prevent further injury, and be as cozy as possible. I'm not aware of any way you can tell if the injury is old or new; i'm sure an xray could shed some light on it. Good luck, I hope everything turns out ok.
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