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Rest In Peace Kali

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chloe heslington

Junior Guinea Pig
Jan 15, 2014
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Just to let you all know, we lost beautiful Kali this afternoon
Yesterday she was fine, eating, drinking and doing usual things she would do everyday although she was a little quiet however this was normal for her.
I woke up this morning and went to pick her up and she didn't run away or squeal from the top of her lungs which she always would do when i went to catch her, instead she happily let me pick her up. I sat with her wrapped in a blanket and she was making little jumpy hiccup movements, we immediately got her to the vets.
The vet said they would keep her in for observations and to treat her, however we just got a phone call to say she passed away, she went downhill very fast and it was most likely a URI :(
We just collected her to be burried.

Rest In Peace my beautiful girl, i love you always.
Find Pip and popcorn free together

I am ever so sorry that you have lost your gorgeous lady. You must be very shaken by the sheer speed of it!
Sadly, URI/pneumonia can sometimes hit as fast as that and right out of the blue; there is very little you can do as any medication needs time to get to work, and that is the one thing you and your vet haven't got. :(

RIP Kali
I am so sorry for the loss of your pretty girl, she really was a stunner. What an awful shock, lots of love and hugs to you during this sad time.

Sleep well little girl

RIP Kali
x x
What a beautiful little girl Kali was. I am so sorry for your loss and the speed with which she was gone. Popcorn freely at Rainbow Bridge, Sweetheart. You will be missed.
Hugs to you, Chloe, from across the pond.
awww bless, what a lovely little piggy, sorry for you the loss. Take comfort in that you reacted as quickly as possible.

Popcorn free little one!
Sweet dreams Kali - hold paws with Vader as you cross over the bridge he to died yesterday the same as you perhaps you were fated to be together
So sorry for your loss.

I'm sure Pip was waiting for Kali at the bridge and they are popcorning together.

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