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Aug 13, 2014
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North Wales

Our two pigs are still very, very timid. I'd go so far as to say they're outright afraid of us. One thing that seems to work with them is offering food, and they will come to the hand to take it.

I'd like to work on this, but as far as I can see it would work best if it could be done regularly when approaching them, so they always get a reward for not running away and hiding. The problem is that keep going backward and forward to the fridge will eventually wear a hole in the carpet...

Does anyone have any good suggestions for pig compatible treats and rewards that can be kept near the cage without going off? I was thinking of something like dried fruit, but a quick look online suggests it might be too sugary.

You may find these threads here helpful in settling in your piggies. it is a good sign that they are already coming out for little treats. Sadly, this is not the time to give little bits of grass as a special treat, but dried forage and readigrass, if given in moderation (i.e. in pinches and never too much in a day), is much more suitable and welcome a treat for guinea pigs. Alternatively you can consider feeding part of the pellet allowance as a treat.
It is always a very fine balance to strike between encouraging them become bolder with treats and making sure that begging for treats doesn't take over and becomes an annoying and disruptive habit.

Yes absolutely - I now have two extremely bold and loud, demanding piggies who spend most of their time when I am around standing on their hind legs looking at me wheeeeeeking at every movement, just in case I might be going to towards the salad drawer! Its my fault for over -treating them in an attempt to tame them, I'm pleased with their progress but its honestly hard to read a book in peace at the moment!
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