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Ringworm Treatment/advice...

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Dec 3, 2013
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I recently rescued two baby sows which I hoped to introduce to my two existing girls. Unfortunately they were diagnosed with ringworm and I have been treating them with Imaverol (applying the solution directly onto the affected areas daily as directed by the vet) for almost 3 weeks now, they are looking better and the hair is almost completely grown back. I'm just wondering if anyone has had experience with ringworm and could tell me how long I should continue using the Imaverol as the vet wasn't very specific? When would be suitable to try and introduce them to the others and are there any precautions I need to take? Thankyou x
I only had to do 3 dips to be honest, rather than use on affected area's only. Because of the spores I took all the advice I could get and disinfected everything, used gloves and aprons etc. I would have thought 3 weeks would have been long enough as long as you cleaned everything else on a regular basis so it doesn't re-infect, however I would clarify by calling your vet and asking them.
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