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Rip Oscar Standing

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Aug 21, 2010
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Hi guys,

Had a very sad couple of days here and this morning had to take Oscar to be pts as i knew it was his time.

Over a year ago Oscar started with bloody pees and was treated a few times for uti's then was xrayed and a stone was found, sadly when they opened him up the stone could not be flushed as it was firmly lodged in his ureter.

Anyway and year and a bit later (totally unexpected) i took him again for an xray to see what the situation was with regards to the stone, and the good news was it was no longer there, but the bad news was that another stone had formed and was floating round his bladder.

Other than a bit of weight loss in the beginning and a few off days Oscar has always been his cheeky little self and lived a happy and pain free life (long term meds). However, last night he came up for his tea as normal but didnt eat any of it. I got him out of the cage and had lap time with him so i could monitor him and in four hours he never ate, drank, peed or pood so i knew something was wrong. I kept getting up to check on him through the night but he was always in the same position and still no wees or poos and was refusing his meds (normally pulls at the syringe) and also refused recovery food. Also, he had gained weight even though i knew he hadnt eaten anything.

We went straight to the vets this morning and he agreed i was making the right choice and we let him go. the only thing that really puzzles me is that he didnt appear to be in any pain and didnt squeak or whimper which i thought he would do if blocked...anyway.

My beautiful little boy came to live with me in approx Aug? 2010 from Becklen and he was a tiny little thing.

rip Oscar, you have been an absolute treasure and i love you with all my heart.

He is back home with me, i have said my goodbye and Stan has groomed him and layed by him and he will be having a little burial in the garden tomorrow morning.

Oscar.JPG oscar and heidi.jpg 051110 110.JPG heidi bum and oscar pig.jpg IMG_2605.JPG
Karina, I am so very sorry you lost your little boy. I know you have been dreading this moment and never knew when it would be. My heart goes out to you. Please pm me if you need any support. Xx
Thank you love. I am devastated but like you say i knew it would come, i think i expected it a lot sooner than it was really but hey ho, he lived all those months a happy little boy.
Oh these awful stones. I lost my first boy, Benny, just 2 days after he was found to have a stone lodged in his urethra that couldn't be removed. Oscar was clearly a fighter.

Night night little one xx
I am very sorry that you had to finally let Oscar go, but thanks to you, he lived a good lifespan and had a happy life! Not that this is making your pain feel any less right now.

RIP Oscar
I am saddened by your pain and share in it with you. I am, right now, holding my first piggie, Waddles, as he takes, what I believe, are some of his final breaths. Rest rest in Peace, Oscar.
I'm so sorry for your loss. He was such a handsome boy. I'm sure he lived so happily by your side. Sending strength to you.
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