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Run Free My Little Dory

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Jul 5, 2014
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Wigan, UK
After the week from hell I got home from the hospital last night to my husband breaking the news that he'd found my little Dory passed away while giving the piggies their evening Veg :(

I got Dory from a free-ad on my local facebook group with her sister Mavis, both are senior girls and pushing over 6 years old. She was curled up in her cosy in her forever sleep. I don't know what went wrong, but she had blood on her nose so i'm assuming that something seriously happened fairly fast. Little Mavis was lost.

Sleep tight my gorgeous little boggly eyed girl, Super Mario and Peri Pig will look after you up there.

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So sorry to hear this :( but at least she had a good life with a very caring piggy slave, hope your doing okay *hugs*
Oh poor you, what a horrible shock. You must really miss such a beautiful little girl. Sleep tight little Dory x
Oh I'm so sorry, Ruth :( massive hugs, we're all here for you. Sweet dreams, Dory. She had such a happy life with you x x x

What a sad shock for you!

But Dory had the best of lives with you and by what you are saying, an easy passing as well. RIP - that is a very respectable age to reach!

Blood on the mouth or nose can be part of what happens during the very last moments of the body organs breaking down, so it is much worse for those that have found her than it would have been for her, as she'd been out of it by then. It is nothing you have to feel bad about; dying is simply a bit more physical than we usually imagine it with our vague concept of drifting nicely off in one's sleep! ;)

I hope that Mavis is hanging in there and so are you?
I'm ok thankyou guys. Got so much stuff going on at home at the moment my head is a mess. mavis is with her pals chilli, tikka and salsa, she still a little lost though.
So sorry to hear of your loss :(
Popcorn free little Dory xx
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